College Administration


New Dean of Students Hopes to Connect, ‘Get Out of the Way’

At a time when the College is escalating its involvement in student life, new Dean of Students Katherine G. O’Dair said social programming should largely be the domain of undergraduates—with administrative support.

Harvard Undocumented

Harvard, Undocumented

Since the launch of DACA in 2012, young immigrants at Harvard and beyond have become increasingly open about being undocumented.


33 Seniors Jockey for Class Marshal, Decline From Past Years

Thirty-three candidates jockeyed for positions on the Senior Class committee on Monday, employing campaign strategies that ranged from Facebook events and semi-personal emails to canvassing in dining halls.

Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Harvard Files Motion to Dismiss Admissions Lawsuit

Harvard motioned Friday to dismiss an ongoing lawsuit alleging race-based discrimination in its admissions processes, arguing that the plaintiffs in the case—anti-affirmative action group Students for Fair Admissions—lack grounds to litigate on behalf of its members.

Shaiba and Danny

First Meeting of UC Stirs Debate Over TEDx Funding

The 35th Undergraduate Council got off to a contentious start, as its routine weekly grants pack stirred an intense debate.


New BGLTQ and Diversity Offices On Track to Completion by Next Year

By next year, Harvard will likely complete the renovation of Grays Hall basement into a dedicated space for the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity and the BGLTQ Office.

Student Life

Center for European Studies Offers Secondary Field

​This fall, the Center for European Studies unveiled a secondary field in European History, Politics, and Societies.

Local 26

HUDS Negotiations: What’s on the Table

A primer on the topics on the table in this round of negotiations between the University and its dining services workers, and the proposals the parties have traded thus far.

College Dean Rakesh Khurana

Khurana Announces Single Gender Policy Enforcement Committee

The committee tasked with implementing the College’s new policy penalizing unrecognized single-gender social groups will craft regulations that could pave the way for a formal relationship between Harvard and private student organizations that do have gender-neutral membership.

Student Life

College Submits Sexual Assault Prevention Plan

​Nearly six months after a University task force submitted a number of recommendations to combat sexual assault on campus, the College has submitted a plan to address the proposals, revamped training, and introduced a new policy that will penalize single gender organizations—but many action items are still pending.

Drew G. Faust

‘Troubling’ Climate of Sexual Assault: One Year Later

This is a sketch of the past year, one in which Harvard students, faculty, and administrators grappled head-on with the realities and prevalence of campus sexual assault.

The Porcellian Door
Student Groups

In Porcellian Punch, A Loose Interpretation of ‘Open’

​A sophomore hopeful of joining the Porcellian might have expected some big changes to the club’s punch process this year. But invitations did not indicate the process this year was open.

Inelastic Demand

Students Criticize New Ec 10 Textbooks; Mankiw Defends

Students in the College’s introductory economics class are criticizing the new textbook. But the course’s professor and the textbook’s author said the new system is worth the pricetag.


Women’s Groups Plan [BLANK] Party to Fill Gap in Social Scene

With the goal of providing an evening free from the pressures of social labels, various women’s groups at the College are organizing the second [BLANK] party for undergraduates, aiming this year at a larger turnout and a later end time.

UC Elections Fall 2016 Graphic

Forty-Two Win Seats on Undergraduate Council

​Forty-two students won election for a seat on the Undergraduate Council during this academic year, after results were announced Friday afternoon by UC Election Commission Chair Matthew C. Estes ’18.