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The most popular guy in Harvard Square
Food and Drink

Behind the Counter

His name is Rigo, he works the night shift, and he is Instagram famous.

T Adventures

He's a Day Tripper

Meet Dalen L. Ferreira ’19, who spends his free time riding the T.

Colm Toibin

Colm Toibin

Bill Bensley

Bill Bensley

On Campus

Hey Professor: Tourism Photography with Robin Kelsey

​In the era of vacation photoshoots, iPhone cameras, and “doing it for the Insta,” 21st century vacations often include more time spent camera-in-hand than not. History of Art and Architecture Chair Robin E. Kelsey, who specializes in the history of photography, sits down with FM to chat about our tourist tendencies.​

Bill Bensley
Fifteen Questions

15 Minutes with Bill Bensley

The most important inspiration we have comes from Mother Nature, from the site that we’re working on.

Rosie the Puppy
House Life

Puppy Chow

What do I say? How do I ask her? Am I coming on too strong? How do I word this so I don’t sound like a total freak?


Hey Professor: The Sleepers

With reading period upon us and many exams fast approaching, long nights in are becoming staples in every undergraduate’s life. The trendiest bags at the moment are the ones under everyone’s eyes. But is it better to choose an extra hour of studying over an extra hour of sleep? When does an all-nighter do more harm than good?


Fifteen Minutes with Cornell Belcher

Cornell Belcher is the president of brilliant corners Research & Strategies, having previously served as Pollster for the Democratic National Committee under Howard Dean and on the polling team for Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Fifteen Minutes sat down with him to discuss the 2016 election, the future of polling, and more.


A Conversation with Alicia Garza

On Oct. 30 in Memorial Church, Alicia Garza—the special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter network—gave the Ninth Annual Robert Coles “Call of Service” Lecture. She discussed her thoughts on #BlackLivesMatter, the transformative power of resistance, and how the call of service must be redefined. Afterward, there was a brief press period for reporters.


Native Americans at Harvard

Dating back to its original charter, the University committed itself to the “education of the English and Indian youth of this country.” Since then, Harvard, with the help of the small yet formidable population of Native American students on campus today, has been working to follow through on its stated purpose and responsibility.


Fifteen Minutes with Ambassador Wendy Sherman

​I spend the week leading up to my interview with Ambassador Wendy Sherman, America’s chief negotiator on the Iran deal, negotiating the terms of our meeting. The ambassador’s office and I come to the following deal: I will have exactly 15 minutes for a Q & A, including the time it takes to photograph the ambassador. I must send over the topics I will cover in advance. I must also accept the fact that there will be another person in the room, who looks and acts exactly like Tom Hagen, Don Corleone’s consigliere.


Conversations: The Gilbert Sullivan Orchestra

While many of the musicians in the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players are students at the College, the orchestra constantly plays host to students in the graduate schools, students from other universities, alumni, and residents of Cambridge and Boston.


15 Minutes with Michael Pollan

​Michael Pollan, the acclaimed food journalist, is a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute exploring psychedelic drug therapy. Pollan talked with FM about healthy eating hacks in college and his self-proclaimed “spiritual retardation.”

Student Life

Out to Lunch with Aaron Slipper

Aaron A. G. Slipper ’18 shepherds us to the secret home of the Science Center's sole easy-access stapler. “This is one of the less exciting parts of the day here, but wait until we get to class,” Slipper tells us, stapling his problem set on the way to Algebraic Topology.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes