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With or Without Discrimination, Subverting Stereotypes through Dating

One couple met through a mutual friend at the end of freshman year. Another met in Annenberg. A third met in the Quincy dining hall. So began the relationships of three couples at Harvard, all of which are interracial.


Turning Tricks: Harvard's Magic Society

Try talking over the sound of 10 stacks of cards being expertly shuffled around a cozy Sever conference room: This is the frequent struggle of the Harvard Magic Society during their weekly meetings. The small club is composed of about 10 members who fit comfortably at a round table, where they discuss, learn, and perform the ancient art of magic.

eSports Association
On Campus

The New Student Athlete

LAN parties are eSports-centered gatherings, in festive settings, where players set up a local network, connect with one another, and then compete.

Undergraduate Council

Living with Landry's

“They’re writing about you?” one friend asks incredulously as she pulls up a chair. “Yeah, about how much of a burden I am on my friends,” Michael J. Landry ’15-’16 answers sarcastically.


Time to Dance

Professional-level student dancers are a rare breed. The time, coordination, and dedication demanded by dance makes it nearly impossible to simultaneously maintain a full academic schedule and a professional ballet career. Many students find it debilitating to balance the two pursuits.

Harvard Square

Niche Stores in Harvard Square

Honeycombs, 3D puzzles, and ghost chili pepper: A student (or curious tourist) can find all of these niche products on Mass. Ave.

Scott Poulson-Bryant
House Life

Tutor, Journalist, or Grad Student?

I meet Scott Poulson-Bryant in Kirkland dining hall as he’s finishing up lunch with a couple of students. He lingers for a few seconds, offering his final words to the conversation before directing his attention to me.


Reel Talk: VES Edition

Harvard’s Department of Visual and Environmental Studies is home to some of the most creative minds in film, fine arts, and environmental studies. FM caught up with two VES faculty members—Dan J. Rowe, a teaching assistant, and Ruth S. Lingford, director of undergraduate studies in the department—to hear about their favorite films.

Eric Q. Doyle

Scoped: Eric Q. Doyle

We got a tip that the nut guy at the farmer's market was hot. So we had to see for ourselves. Mostly, we imagine, people ask him, "What's the price of your nuts?" We rose above and asked the serious questions. We even (reluctantly) rejected the free samples.


You're Researching What?

With so many academics and researchers around Harvard, eclectic topics are bound to emerge. Here are some of FM’s favorites.

Harvard Kennedy School

Hey Professor!

The Minerva School, an ambitious education project whose founder Ben Nelson described as “the first elite American university to be launched in a century,” opened to students this fall. With an advisory board that includes former Harvard University president Lawrence H. Summers, the school live-streams immersive seminars to students—capped at 19 per class—for $10,000 a year. Instructional methods are based on cognitive learning research conducted by former Harvard Psychology professor Stephen M. Kosslyn, who joins Minerva as Founding Dean. Students live in San Francisco during their first year, then move together to different cities around the world for each of the following six semesters. FM sat down with the Kennedy School’s Paul E. Peterson, Director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance, who analyzed the Minerva program.


5 Questions With Dario Guerrero-Meneses

Dario Guerrero-Meneses ’15-’16, who came to the United States from Mexico when he was two and a half, recently wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post titled: “I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant. They gave me a full scholarship.” FM had the opportunity to chat with Guerrero-Meneses about his story, the article, and the response.



Mauriello ties his combat boots during rehearsal for "Little Murders."

Family Strife

Family Strife

Mauriello yells at Elizabeth Leimkuhler '15 during rehearsal for "Little Murders" in which he plays her wife and she his husband.



Mauriello loves Hercules.

Men's Ice Hockey

Hockey Preview 2014

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

blood handprint

Dead Letter: The Aesthetics of Horror

Election Strategy

Where Did All The Ideas Go?