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Faculty Discuss Concentrations

The curricular review’s Educational Policy Committee (EPC) recommended yesterday that joint concentrations be eliminated in favor of “secondary fields” akin

Stalled Review Inches Ahead

The Harvard College Curricular Review's Educational Policy Committee (EPC) will release a report of its work to the Faculty on

Faculty Council Meets With Corporation

Six members of the Faculty Council met with two members of the Harvard Corporation yesterday, the second time the two

Fewer Faculty To Be Hired

Concerns about faculty hiring dominated the semester’s first full meeting of the Faculty yesterday, overshadowing a potentially contentious discussion of

Faculty Will Debate Harper’s Departure

The same professor who last March introduced the vote of no confidence in University President Lawrence H. Summers has called

Harvard Out To Uncover Life's Origin

A group of Harvard researchers is preparing to use some of mankind’s newest technology to answer its oldest question: how

Harvard Increases Female Tenure Offers

The number of tenure offers Harvard made to women increased this year for the first time during Lawrence H. Summers’

Fear Towards Other Races Found

People have a tendency to fear members of races other than their own, although intimate interracial relationships help to mitigate

Harvard Ups Number of Tenure Offers Made to Women

The number of tenure offers made to women increased this year for the first time during Lawrence H. Summers’ presidency,

Study Finds U.S. Science Slipping

The United States may be losing its lead in the science and engineering fields it has long dominated, according to

Blake Can't Save Lobsters

It was a rude homecoming this Monday for James Blake ’01. The former Harvard tennis star gave Boston Lobsters fans

BOOKENDS: What Kiwi Taught Us About HLS

In The People vs. Harvard Law, Andrew Peyton Thomas puts his alma mater on trial for sacrificing free speech on

Harvard To Confer 6,580 Degrees

University President Lawrence H. Summers will award 6,580 degrees to the Class of 2005 and the students of the graduate

In Their Own Hands

When professors voted that they lack confidence in the leadership of University President Lawrence H. Summers at the March 15

The End of an Era: Af Am Looks to Rebuild After Year of Turmoil

On the Department of African and African American Studies’ website, there are four small photos featuring professors in the department.