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Hip Hop Lessons for Reggaeton

I first noticed reggaeton’s infectious “BOOM-ch-boom-ch” beat in the summer of 2005, while walking through New York City during the

William James, Unstuck In Time

William James is the archetypal masked villain of American academia. Seldom seen on curricula, mentioned in hushed tones, his finger

PAYNEFUL TRUTHS: Occupational Hazard: Wii Will Kill Us All

With all the shrill press coverage of the alleged moral damage caused by violent video games, it’s rather surprising how

HFA Features Rising German Star

Not a fan of German film? Does spending two hours watching a group of conquistadors drift down a river, dying

PAYNEFUL TRUTHS: A Furor Erupts as Game Trailers Get Musical

Has a one-minute television ad for Microsoft’s latest video game, “Gears of War,” started a revolution in gamer culture? Touted

Movie Review: Borat

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Directed by Larry Charles Twentieth-Century Fox 4 Stars

This Land Ain’t Flowers’ Land

Man, the Mormons in Las Vegas must have it bad. On their latest album, “Sam’s Town,” lead singer Brandon Flowers

A Farewell to ‘Hardcore’ Scene

CORRECTION APPENDED Pop Quiz: How do you know you’re no longer a punk rock venue? A) You make $2 million

Rough Crossings

Slaves Fought For England, Liberty

Those Americans who seek refuge from the moral compromises of contemporary politics in the idyllic past of the Founding Fathers—the

Payneful Truths: Rage Against the Screen: Hip-Hop Takes Aim at Hollywood, Again

“Hollywood Divorce”—the most star-studded track on Outkast’s latest album “Idlewild”—is equal parts love song and stinging indictment of the film

Kaavya Viswanathan—Master Sampler?

The amount of regional and national press over what insiders are calling “Opalgate” is bordering on the absurd. Kaavya Viswanathan

You Can't Always Sing What You Want

It’s about time the Rolling Stones played in China; according to the Associated Press, the biggest musical event in that

Inside the Hip-Hop Museum—Look, But Don't Touch

Dust off those Air Forces. Unpack the SL-1200s. Before long, freestyle neophytes curious about hip-hop history will be able to

Doctorow Pushes for ‘Free Culture’

[Editor's note—presented here is a longer version of the Cory Doctorow interview than that which appeared in the print edition

Rock Rivalries Beef Up Music Business

It’s a common enough story in the music world: an aging artist loudly insults the current style, sending waves through