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Screen Shots: "Lost," Season 2 DVD

With the advent of the third season of “Lost,” we are able to embark on a new chapter of excitement,

‘B*A*P*S’ Star Nabs Pudding Pot

By KEVIN FERGUSON CRIMSON STAFF WRITER This week, Academy-Award winner Halle Berry was crowned Woman of the Year by Harvard’s


Ahh, television. The opiate of the masses. Three Crimson writers offer their thoughts about this year’s crop of poppies. 2005’s

TV Watch

Daisy Does America TBS, Tuesdays, 10p.m. A few years ago, there was a show on Britain’s Channel 4 called “The

‘Monster’ Actress Turns Sexy Super-Heroine

Halle Berry as the titular super-feline in “Catwoman.” Gwyneth Paltrow as an aspiring flight attendant in “View from the Top.”

TV Watch: "The OC"

“The O.C.” Fox, Thursdays, 8 p.m. Inner conflict exposed! The closing moments of this week’s “The OC” added up to

TV Watch: The OC

Last week’s episode of “The OC” opened with a (gasp) metaphor. Has the show achieved literary merit? Mmm, sort of.

"Shut It Down"

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News Analysis: Could Eldo Kim Return to Harvard?