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Mia P. Walker


What's For Lunch? Theater.

Times are changing at Harvard University. Last Thursday, the once pristine Harvard Yard, that manicured display of Ivy League tidiness


‘Public’ Exposure at Brattle Theatre

In the early minutes of New Years Day, at the turn of the millennium, while most New Yorkers were partying


Harvard Alum Packs a Punch with 'Tyson'

I bet you never thought you could like Mike Tyson. Fallen pugilist who destroyed his career, convicted rapist—not to mention


Varda Brings Life to Oeuvres

At just under five feet tall, with a head of two-toned—red and white—hair shaped in a severe, down-to-business bob, and


Harvard Medical Students: Breaking a Leg for the 102nd Time

News flash for pre-meds: There’s no need to give up those voice lessons and tap shoes in exchange for a


Leibovitz Promotes New Book in Square

Speaking before a crowd of around 600 people gathered at the First Parish Church, Annie Leibovitz—the world renowned photographer known


French Filmmaker Denis Gets Frank

A man in Manhattan asks his French girlfriend to come live with him. She arrives at his empty apartment to


'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'

Take director Kevin Smith—the genius behind “Clerks” and “Dogma,” who basically revolutionized teen angst flicks—and comedy beast Seth Rogen, throw


Top Movie Exec Relies on Woman's Intuition

When you think about who’s responsible for all the box-office hits of the last few years—films like “A Beautiful Mind,”



After watching Bill Maher’s new documentary about the ridiculousness of religion, appropriately titled “Religulous,” it’s hard not to agree with


Directors Reveal Truth About 'Secrecy'

After Harvard professors Peter L. Galison ’77 and Robb Moss screened the first act of their new documentary “Secrecy” to


Romeo, Juliet, and...Ballet?

Shakespeare has undeniably stood the test of time, but the question remains: Can he stand the test of the ballet?


POPSCREEN: The Bravery

Apparently, lead singer Sam Endicott of semi-new, semi-“it” band The Bravery has lost the will to breathe—but not the will

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Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


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