Dylan R. Matthews


Bin Laden's Death

Introducing our new online Columnist Conversations feature


Mandatory Suffrage

Mandatory voting is a small step toward fairer politics.


Swords Into Plowshares

The U.S. government should start taking the welfare of people abroad more seriously across the board.


Our New Robot Overlords

Technological progress’ displacement of human labor need not be a catastrophe.


Which Side Are You On?

The protests in Wisconsin are an inspiring sight, and show the kind of mass organizing for progressive causes that unions are capable of.


Ditch the Corporate Tax

The best corporate tax reform would involve ditching the tax altogether.


A Real Constitutional Debate

As it becomes clear that President Barack H. Obama’s veto power and the Democratic majority in the Senate will prevent ...


The Lottery

I wish the admissions office would consider abandoning the admissions process altogether in favor of a randomized lottery.


The Non Sequitur War

Whether the goal is defending American security or improving the lives of Afghans, occupying Afghanistan is a wasteful way to meet our objectives.


The Banality of Elections

Economic factors can produce a reliable prediction of election outcomes


SNAP, Crackle, Starve

If we want to get the economy humming again at as low a cost as possible, then, increasing food stamp funding is the way to go.


Always Wanting More

There’s no reason we can’t create still higher tax brackets


Call Me Phone Snatcher

The public has no reason to back shield laws that protect journalists who pay so little heed to the lives they may be wrecking.


Party Down

If one wants Congress to get things done with a minimum of corruption, enforcing party discipline is the place to start.


The Clean Air Option

Letting the EPA take over cap-and-trade may be messy, but it's certainly preferable to inaction.

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