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The Gilad Shalit Debacle

Even worse than the shocking shortsightedness of Israeli civil society were domestic and international analysts’ gullible somersaults to dig their heads deeper in the ground with more desperate and contrived justifications for the exchange.


Forget Social Media

The greatest technological instigator of social change arrived in the region when Mark Zuckerberg was in elementary school.


Protocols of the Elders of Crazy

I anticipated encountering anti-Semitism, but I expected it to be avoidable.


Striking Flint Against Steel

Bouazizi catalyzed a revolution through the only act that could aptly symbolize its lonely desperation—self-immolation.

Summer Postcards 2011

In the News Cafe

When conversation turns to the royal family or the military, words become whispers, mirthful looks turn to nervous glances, and cigarettes suddenly receive as much fidgety chewing as they do smoking.


Apocaholics Anonymous

You may be an apocaholic


It’s Time to Brandish the Big(ger) Stick

President Obama must either immediately convince international leaders that a nuclear-armed Iran is a grave danger to international security and implement broader economic sanctions, or plan for military action.


In the Shadow of the World Cup

Although the overall benefits of the World Cup may reach the poor eventually, the forced eviction of citizens under the deceit of alternative housing is undeniably barbaric and unacceptable in the modern era.

The Abortion Debate
On Campus

Humanities Center Fellow Addresses Abortion Discourse

Jeannie Suk discusses how the threat of psychological trauma experienced by women has affected the abortion debate.


‘Sup Bro?

Ultimately, like any other word, “brother” has a subjective meaning and is therefore variable between individuals.