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Ed Markey Wins Fifth Congressional

Cambridge Voters Lean Heavily Democrat in Local and Congressional Elections

Thirty-six-year Congressional veteran Ed Markey secured the Fifth Congressional seat once again Tuesday night, winning out over Republican challenger Tom Tierney by a margin of about 3:1.

Food and Drink

Two Cookie Delivery Services to Open in Harvard Square

Warm deliciousness will be coming to your door in two ways in the next few weeks as two cookie-delivery-services expand their operations to Harvard students.

Drew Faust

Drew G. Faust at the Patriots Game?

University President Drew G. Faust was spotted sitting next to Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft in the coverage of tonight's Pats game.

City Politics

City Council To Hire Outside Firm for Manager Search

An outside firm will be hired to expedite the process of selecting a new city manager to replace Cambridge’s longtime head government employee, Cambridge City Councillor David P. Maher said on Monday.

Harvard in the City

With AAA Rating, Cambridge Thrives

The city is one of 27 municipalities nationwide to earn AAA ratings—the highest ranking possible—from all three major U.S. creditors.


Type 'Completely Wrong' into Google Images

Type "Completely Wrong" into Google Images. Apparently someone has a beef with W. Mitt Romney.

Harvard Square

Rat Attack: Reports of Rodents Abound

Each of the Houses has a pest control program in place, according to Leverett Building Manager Paul Hegarty. But the rat problem isn’t all in the House’s control. Many rodents spend nights scurrying around the MBTA in Harvard Station.

Harvard in the City

Harvard Rides Out MBTA Fare Increase

Since the MBTA fare increases went into effect July 1, many Harvard students and employees say that the hikes have not had a significant effect on their lives.


The Lowell Bells Are Playing Popular Songs

A new and exciting development: Today, the Lowell bells rang a slightly off-pitch but still recognizable version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." They followed it up by what sounded to this Crimson editor like a bit of the Dropkick Murphys' "Shipping up to Boston." We're really, really hoping they'll play "Rumor Has It" by Adele. Please.

Fire trucks swarm the Fogg
Visual Arts

Fire Trucks at The Fogg

At approximately 11:07 on Friday, smoke could be seen emerging from the Fogg Art Museum, which is currently undergoing renovations. Crowds of people were standing outside the building and firefighters were responding to the scene.

Harvard in the City

Truckers, Farmers Banished to Oxford Street

Just a year after food trucks first appeared in front of the Science Center, construction on the plaza has pushed the trucks and the farmers’ market to a less-frequented spot behind the Science Center on Oxford Street.

A smoking barrel on JFK St.
Harvard Square

A smoking barrel on JFK St.

A smoking barrel on JFK St.

A smoking barrel on JFK St.
Harvard Square

Holy Smokes!

At about 4:20 p.m. on Monday, the Cambridge Fire Department responded to a smoking trash can at the corner of JFK St. and South St. They took the trash can apart and extinguished the fire.

City Politics

First Thursday Election In 24 Years Draws Small Crowd

Massachusetts primaries, which are generally held on Tuesdays early in September, were disrupted by a rare confluence of events. The first Tuesday this year fell immediately after Labor Day. Had the primary been held on Sept. 4, municipalities would have been forced to pay workers overtime to prepare for the polls, so the date was rejected, according to Brian McNiff, spokesperson for Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin.

City Politics

Middlesex State Representative Primary Held Today

Local pundit Robert Winters went so far as to estimate Cambridge City Councillor Marjorie C. Decker's chance of winning the election at “101 percent.”