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Authors Examine Gender Roles in Children's Literature

Four authors and scholars examined gender roles and stereotypes in children’s and young adult literature at a Women’s Week 2012 event on Monday.

Leverett House Flyby Image
House Life

Leverett House

As part of our Housing Market series, we'll be posting reviews and rankings for each of Harvard's 12 residential Houses over the next few days. Click here to read more about the series. It seems that Houses, like data sets, tend towards the mean as they get larger. In that vein, this year's poll revealed that Leverett is just about average. Leverett is the biggest of the 12 residential Houses, with students spread across three different buildings whose variety give the House its charm. From McKinlock Hall (or Old Leverett) to the Leverett Towers to housing on two floors of 20 DeWolfe St., Leverett pleases those who tend toward more modern housing while still accommodating residents yearning for an ivy-lined, stereotypical Harvard building. Residents praise the middle House along the river for its "beautiful river view," "MONKEY BREAD," and of course for the fact that "Jeremy Lin lived there." As one resident eloquently put it, the best thing about Lev is "EVERYTHINGGGGG."

For The Moment

Five Questions with Arne S. Duncan '86

Fifteen Minutes sat down for five questions with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne S. Duncan ’86.

Harvard in the City

After-School Changes Anger Local Parents

In the first meeting led by recently elected mayor Henrietta Davis, the Cambridge City Council said farewell to a longtime official, heard concerns about afterschool programming, and even took a moment to talk about Lady Gaga.

City Politics

New Mayor of Cambridge Selected After Weeks of Voting

Cambridge City Councillor Henrietta J. Davis was elected and sworn in as mayor of Cambridge just a few minutes after 8 p.m. at Wednesday's Cambridge City Council meeting.

Cambridge City Council

City Council Tackles Fare Hikes

City Council members debated how to best address the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s most recent budget deficit at a Cambridge City Council meeting Monday evening. The MBTA has put forward two proposals, both of which include major cuts to MBTA service and sizable fare increases.

Dorm Crew

Dear Dorm Crew, It's Me, Matt Damon

You may have noticed that when Dorm Crew workers clean a bathroom, they leave behind a post-it note inviting feedback in the form of questions, complaints, or compliments. Nineteen years ago today, on Feb. 9, 1993, a certain Lowell House blocking group sent a compliment in to Dorm Crew. If you look closely at the seventh name on the letter, you'll see that it was signed by one "Matthew Damon," aka notable celebrity dropout Matt P. Damon (formerly '92). Even before the days of email, students still managed to express their opinions, often in the form of letters, some of which can be found in Dorm Crew's records.

City Politics

City Council Fails To Elect Mayor

During a relatively brief Cambridge City Council meeting, the councillors failed for a seventh time to elect a mayor.

City Politics

Longtime City Clerk To Retire This Month

Cambridge City Clerk D. Margaret Drury plans to retire in February after serving in the position for 20 years.

City Politics

City Council Still Unable To Elect Mayor

Though the Cambridge City Council was once again unable to select a new mayor—an issue which has remained unresolved since Jan. 2—the Council moved to aid a local dance center soon to be displaced.


Professor Criticizes Teacher Evaluations

Students’ learning does not correlate with the education level or experience of their teachers, Graduate School of Education professor Thomas J. Kane said Thursday in a panel discussion at the School of Education.

City Politics

Cambridge City Council Fails To Elect Mayor

For the third consecutive week, the Cambridge City Council failed to determine which of its members would serve as the new mayor of Cambridge, leaving the city’s School Committee in the lurch without its final member.



Percent of Those Surveyed Giving Occupy Harvard Various Scores, by Political Ideology

The Game

Past Tense: The Game

To set the stage: November, 1922. Abbott Lawrence Lowell presides over Harvard University. Names like Greenough, Cabot, and F. A. O. Schwarz pepper the college roster.

In The Meantime

It Takes Two: Ken J. Urban and Matthew B. Kaiser

Ken J. Urban