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Mitigating the North Korea Crisis

Doing so will not only force the nation to become accountable for sustaining its own people, but it will also be a definitive gesture displaying the fortitude of the United States and its steadfast refusal to condone the DPRK’s bargaining ploys.


Thinking Peace in Myanmar

Myanmar is heading for a definitive turn-around


Weaning Israel

If promoting human rights truly is a “central goal of U.S. foreign policy,” America must demonstrate this through encouraging peace and compromise instead of taking a passive approach in the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Applicant? Facebook Password, Please

Recently, a number of employers have taken the intrusive measure of asking job candidates to provide their Facebook login information. This action is an example of how companies have overstepped their boundaries in the hiring process


Alabama Laws

The citizens of Alabama may be concerned about how the increasing surge of immigrants will affect their lives, but supporting such strict anti-immigration laws is not the best solution.