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The Privacy of the Social Organism

In an age in which networks are on par with, or perhaps more important than, its individual constituents, a new question needs to be addressed with regards to privacy: Is our social network more telling of our person than our particular interactions with individuals? The Snowden documents, as well as experts, suggest it to be so.


The Weakening Thread

The debate over abortion issues has always been conducted through the legal system, yet with the recent trend to legally impede its practice, women’s rights and judicial supremacy hang in the balance.


To Utter the Forced “I Do”

Marriage may be joining the list of criminal offences, a list that includes acts such as rape, manslaughter and infanticide.


Cracks in Legality

If Ferguson is indeed executed, it will lead to crippling effects on the credibility of the American justice system and open up doors for further unjust persecutions.


Meat the Flexitarians

The Meatless Monday initiative is definitely one worth adopting, and the looming threats bred by the intake of meat make me second-guess my decision to slather bacon onto a plate during Sunday brunch.