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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Smartphone

The distractions we see clearly now will fade away as technology necessarily becomes faster and more invisible.


Renouncing Your Medals

Yet, while the debate raged on, there was one group that actually made a statement. Not by talk or media campaigns, but by the simple act of saying: “I want no part in this.” I am talking, of course, about the Eagle Scouts who returned their medals to the BSA, renouncing their claim to the title, in light of the organization’s prohibition against gay members.


Yale Law School Dean Argues Against Corporate Participation in Political Campaigns

Speaking to an audience of professors and graduate students, Yale Law School dean Robert C. Post ’69 presented his case for a constitutional basis for campaign finance reform and argued against the Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United decision which allows a certain degree of corporate participation in political campaigns based on the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.


Should Women Serve in Military Combat Roles?

As long as we maintain a definition of progress that limits itself to diversification—which often consists of the diversification of oppressive institutions—we lose sight of the real benchmark of progress: the elimination of the institutions that cause oppression in the first place.