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Note from the President Regarding Harvard Sanctions

The Crimson has always maintained its editorial and organizational independence.

Central Administration

Tilghman, Former Princeton President, To Join Corporation

Former president of Princeton University Shirley M. Tilghman will serve as the newest member of the Harvard Corporation, the University’s highest governing board.

Students Evacuate Harvard Yard

Bomb Threat Investigation Remains ‘Active and Ongoing’

Last Monday, four Harvard buildings were evacuated and searched after Harvard Police received a report of a bomb threat that proved to be unfounded.

Massachusetts Hall

Latino Students Issue Demands to Administrators

Latino students met with University President Drew G. Faust on Thursday to discuss demands for greater inclusivity for students of color.

Students Evacuate Harvard Yard

Unfounded Bomb Threat Prompts Police Investigation

In a scene strikingly similar to a scare two years ago, students evacuated Harvard’s Science Center and Sever, Emerson, and Thayer Halls around 12:30 p.m. on Monday after police reported receiving an unconfirmed bomb threat.

UC debate push up contest
FlyBy Blog

UC debate push up contest

A casual push-up contest during the UC debate.

UC debate push up contest
Undergraduate Council

ICYMI: Push-Ups and Water Pong Liven UC Debate

Three pairs of aspiring Undergraduate Council leaders faced off at Saturday night’s “UC-Crimson Crossfire” debate, but just one duo looked ready to fight.

Tamara E. Rogers
Central Administration

Harvard Raises $6.1 Billion Toward $6.5 Billion Campaign Goal

Though the drive began with a $6.5 billion goal and a projected end year of 2018, Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development Tamara E. Rogers '74 said Monday that Harvard will not raise that target.

Central Administration

Provost Lauds HarvardX, But Questions Its Financial Sustainability

Alan M. Garber '76 projected that the current models for funding Harvard's branch of the virtual education platform are unsustainable, given the high monetary and time cost of generating online material.

Faust on University Education
Central Administration

Faust Kicks off Conference on Research in Higher Education

Harvard President Drew Faust was joined by Richard C. Levin, a former Yale president, and David J. Skorton, a former Cornell president.

Central Administration

In Washington, Faust Advocates Climate Change Research

Faust emphasized the role that universities can have in combatting climate change and lobbied for increased federal funding for research.

Central Administration

New Global Institute Grants $3.75M to China Climate Research

Based at the Harvard Center Shanghai, the new Harvard Global Institute will provide grants to research projects that focus on climate and energy science, economics, engineering, and environmental health.

Divest Protests University Appointment
Central Administration

Student Protesters Appeal Dismissal of Divestment Lawsuit

The plaintiffs claim in their 113-page appeal that Harvard has mismanaged its endowment by investing in “abnormally dangerous activities."

Title IX Officer Mia Karvonides

Central Office Has Heard Record Number of Assault Cases

Of the 25 to 30 cases the Ofice for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution has heard since fall 2014, between 10 and 15 are still open; more than half of the open cases were filed in the last two months.


The Harvard Condition

While nearly all Harvard students have found themselves reeling under pressure at one time or another, the manifestations of mental distress vary in severity. For some students, this sense of helplessness leads to a discrepancy between how they present themselves and how they really feel, a divide often widest for those who arrive on campus with a history of mental health struggles.