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David Haig

David, David, & DNA

“Everybody’s story is wrong about who they are and where they came from.”

Influeza Archival

Influeza Archival

Influeza Archival

When "Knock-Me-Down Fever" Hit Harvard

President Lowell knew he had a hard decision to make—one that would set a precedent for other institutions of higher education. He could either heed the warnings of doctors across the country or risk the health of his students.

Psychedelic Club

A Look at the Dark Room Collective and the Psychedelic Club

When the poet Kevin Young ’92 wrote in his book of cultural criticism, The Grey Album: On the Blackness of Blackness, that “once you’re in, you’re in forever,” he did not mean Harvard, or his house, or a final club. Young meant the Dark Room Collective, one of the dozens of unofficial intellectual societies that have cropped up at Harvard over the centuries.


Bad Horoscopes: Halloween

Wondering what your Halloween will look like? The stars will tell us! Spoooooky...


Roommate Horror Stories

“Are you aware that your roommate swims?”

Job Search

FM Imagines: Celebrity Cover Letters

Budgetary strategy is one of my strong points. I know critics will say, “He blew a million dollars on private travel!” I beg you to think of it this way—it only cost me $1 million to charter those flights.

Pedro Albizo Campos
Harvard Law School

Harvard and Homeland: Pedro Albizu Campos

At the time, Campos’s “insurrectionary activity” piqued the interest of Crimson reporters because he had just been arrested for his alleged involvement in an assassination attempt on President Truman.