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Year in Review

Buy, Sell, Hold

After days and days of statistical regression and mathetmatical analysis, FM is here with your 2014-2015 trend results. From classes to take to apps to delete, here’s the official buy, hold, and sell of the academic year.

Year in Review

Underwhelming Things

What didn't overwhelm, or even whelm, us this year.

Party Scorecard

Party Scorecard

Holi 2015

FM's Year in Review

Fifteen Minutes takes an A-Z look at the past year at Harvard. From Divest Harvard to Dean Khurana's Instagram, FM runs through the alphabet to find what made us laugh, cry, and wish we lived in the Quad.

Venn Diagram: PTP vs. PCP
Folklore and Mythology

Venn Diagram: PTP vs. PCP

Venn Diagram: PTP vs. PCP

Venn Diagram: PTP vs. PCP

Venn Diagram: PTP vs. PCP

Both are useless for decision-making.

FM Comedy Issue Cover

FM Presents: The Comedy Issue

FM celebrates Harvard's comedy legacy, with original content from various Harvard comedians and FM staff writers.

Harvard Square

Beer Prices in The Square

When shopping for beer, most of us privilege convenience over value. But on behalf of Harvard Square consumers, FM’s done the research on prices; you can thank us later.

The Beer Issue

The FM Beer Issue

Wondering why there's no scrutiny this week? The FM staff instead delved into the wide world of beer. From beer in the 17th century to craft beer startups, this issue's got it all.

On Campus

Who Said It: Isis or ISIS

Everybody’s been talking about the similarities between the Isis Club and the militant group, ISIS. To ensure our readership is informed and capable of discerning the difference, we present a difficult, though informative, quiz. Choose which group provided the following quotes.

FM Cover Year-in-Review

FM Presents: The Year-in-Review '13-'14

What happened this year? The losers, the winners, the first-generation student experience, and people with funny names.


Harvard Alumni We Want To Donate a Building

As the construction of Leverett House comes to a close, there’s no better time to reflect on all the new buildings that have recently graced our campus. From Quincy’s Stone Hall to the Smith Campus Center, the 2013-’14 school year has seen the architectural philanthropy of alumni with, let’s be honest, pretty bland names. Here are some alumni we’d prefer to see christening a building sometime in the future.



Venn Diagram - Theses/Feces


Theses Vs. Feces

Everyone in hist and lit does it.

The Fifteen Hottest Freshmen.
Fifteen Hottest

Fifteen Hottest Freshmen '17: Date Spots

Fifteen Minutes Magazine presents the fifteen hottest freshmen of the Class of 2017. How hot are they? Our third degree burns will answer for us. Enjoy, but don’t take it too seriously, as our 15 Hottest take you around Cambridge’s best date spots. Widener stacks didn’t make the cut.

Senior survey header
Front Feature

Class of 2015, By the Numbers

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells 2015

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’