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This University Was Like a College to Me

The whole semester started to make sense to me the second time my dad called the state police. “If you

Going out with a bang

Some gifts are universally bad. The do-I-even-know-your-name present of scented candles, for example, or anything obviously purchased on the first

Film Review: Laws of Attraction

There are several unhappy marriages onscreen in Laws of Attraction , a movie about divorce lawyers in love, but none

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When I was five years old I drew a pastel portrait in vivid purple and blue inspired by the Queen



Bryan M. Byrne hasn't missed a day of work at The Crimson in 22 years.



George D. Dioguardi takes a short break between preparing The Crimson to be printed.



Brian M. Byrne has not missed a day of work at The Crimson in 22 years.

John Harvard, Canadian Parliamentarian

It wasn’t exactly a hero’s welcome for John Harvard when he swept into town a few years ago. At John

Eight Cadets Become Officers In Yard Ceremony

As a military band in crisp white uniforms played in the Yard, 8 graduating members of the Harvard Reserve Officer

From The Meal Plan To Planning Meals

What the Quincy House dining hall lacks in actual fresh and delicious vegetables it makes up for in concern for

In The Meantime

Battle of the Bolger

MC Hammer is back. Or as close to back as the balloon-pant pioneer will get, anyway, living it up in


Happy Endings

Never underestimate the infinite wisdom of the Harvard Coop. Julia Pottinger ’92 makes that mistake. She’s a best-selling author who

For The Moment

Unabomber: The Musical

Michelle Carter, playwright and creative writer professor at San Francisco State University, is the award-winning author of Hillary and Soon-Yi


A Few Good Days With a Few Good Men (And Women)

Monday is uniform day. Stacie K. Persons ’02-’03, an Air Force cadet, has to get up a little earlier than

For The Moment


Kyle P. Smith '03 House: Mather Concentration: English Hometown: San Diego, Calif. Ideal date: The mall, obviously. Ideal mate: The