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Sophie Portnoy's Complaint

"D R. SPEILVOGEL," cries Alexander Portnoy from the psychiatrist's couch, "this is my life, my only life, and I'm living

Merry Winter Solstice

Christmas is one of those times when the contents of the American melting pot break down, and all the WASP

The Only Way To Do It Right...

W HOEVER DECIDED to put on this show in the dead of night must have 0intended it to be seen

Guilt, Trivia and a Prolonged Giggle

B ACK IN HIGH SCHOOL, all the world was divided into those who were virgins and those who were not.

What Do You Get When You Ask A Dirty Question?

"Somebody asked us the other day on a television program, 'Gee, you're such wholesome people, how could you go around

The White Heat of Plath's Voice

T HERE IS a quality to the voice on this record--the voice of Sylvia Plath reading her own poetry--that can


Sizwe Banzi is Dead, by the South African playwright Athol Fugard, opened to ecstatic reviews is New York. The performances

What's Wrong With Me?

Before I came to Radcliffe, the thing that scared me most about the place was the legend of the Radcliffe


The Time of Your Life, by William Saroyan, is a journey back to October, 1939--one that is sometimes sentimental, but

The Flip Side of Nora Ephron

T HE BASIC POINT that Nora Ephron is making about women and the women's movement is a good one. "In

We Happy Band of Sisters

Maggie MacLean was standing in the tall, wide doorway of Newell Boat House, just at the line that divides the


The Hemingway Play. This is the biggie of the Loeb's summer season, the world premiere of a play that won

Sittin' in the Puddle

I T'S AN accepted piece of common American knowledge that Singin' in the Rain is one of those classic 50's


Yesterday. The Beatles are back. Or rather, their collective ghost will be resurrected at a three-day convention of Beatle-maniacs starting

Introducing the Facts of Life

It's always tempting to try to find a connection between the artist's life and work, between the raw material and