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A Liberal Demonstration

L IBERALS have never much liked demonstrations. Most were willing to go down to Washington once a year during the


Kilson and Guinier Debate The Role of Black Studies

In their first face-to-face debate since the establishment of the Afro-American Studies Department, Martin L. Kilson, professor of Government, and


CORE Staffer Blames Whites For Law Debate Cancellation

A spokesman for the Committee on Racial Equality (CORE) charged yesterday that "left wing white students" had made the threats


Nwafor Says Afro Studies Collapsing

An assistant professor of the Afro-American Studies Department said yesterday that his department is in a state of "utter disarray


The New South and The Old Politics

T HE PASSAGE of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 caused an historic change in the civil rights movement. With


Frankie 'the Rabbit' Torres Was Mad at Badillo's Defeat

NEW YORK--Frankie "the Rabbit" Torres was screaming mad last Tuesday night following Herman Badillo's 3-2 loss to Abraham Became in


No Protest Greets Restructuring of Afro

The founding of the Afro-American Studies Department in 1969 took place in the highly-charged political atmosphere which gripped the campus


Which Way the Grand Concourse

T HE LARGEST SINGLE BLOC of voters in New York City's June 4 mayoral primary are likely to be unyoung,


Kilson Vs. The Bulletin

May has been a difficult month for John Bethell, the editor of the Harvard Bulletin. With his May issue already


Scholar Discusses Jobs For Women

A visiting research scholar at the Radcliffe Institute said yesterday that volunteer work plays an important role in helping women


Basketball Search Committee To Make Selection Next Week

Robert Watson, director of Athletics, said yesterday that the search committee for a new head basketball coach has cut its


DuBois Institute Has First Meeting

The committee charged with drawing up plans for the DuBois Afro-American Research Institute held its initial meeting Tuesday night and


Search Group to Seek New Head Basketball Coach

The associate director of Athletics announced Monday that a search committee has been formed to seek out a new head


Schoen Tell

One of the four teams in the NCAA finals this weekend doesn't really belong there. The Indiana Hoosiers, coached by


Hart's and Hardy's Jobs Are in Doubt

The director of Athletics said yesterday that neither of former basketball coach Bob Harrison's assistants were assured of jobs for

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