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The Marxians In Ec Dept. Fail Again

The Harvard Economics Department cemented its status as an immovable object even more firmly this past year. For nearly a


Rosovsky: He'll Make His Mark On Harvard

In recent years students have heard more about deans of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences after they have gone


NLRB Hears Mailers' Case for Recognition

A hearing examiner for the National Labor Relations Board yesterday heard a third day of testimony in a dispute involving


Harvard, Coast Guard Win Team Race To Give New England National Crown

Harvard sailors, bolstered by crews from the Coast Guard Academy, won the inter-district team racing event at the North American


New York Democrat Samuels Opposes Storm King Project

The frontrunning Democratic gubernatorial candidate in New York filed a petition Monday with the Federal Power Commission urging it to


Analysis of Tape Transcripts Shows Case Against Nixon

An analysis of the White House tape transcripts released Thursday concludes that an ordinary citizen could probably be indicted for


Radcliffe Sailors Cop 3rd at Nationals; Roehm Takes Crown in 'B' Division

The Radcliffe sailing team ghosted its way to a third-place finish at the womens' national sailing championship, held in the


Keeping Out the Radicals

The law of diminishing returns is central to the discipline of economics. But it is a lesson that reformers in


House Course Plan Gains the Approval Of Faculty Council

The Faculty Council yesterday placed a proposal for expanding the House course program on the May 21 Faculty meeting docket


Hugh Calkins

When The Crimson profiled Hugh Calkins '45 five years ago, his was a rapidly rising star both at Harvard and


Students Organize Support

A permanent alliance of workers and student movements has proved in the past, at least at Harvard, to exist only


Faculty Committee Rejects a Longer Chem 20 Exam

The Faculty Council yesterday turned down a petition from the teaching staff of Chemistry 20a, "Organic Chemistry", seeking approval for


The Printers' Strike Continues

The employees of the University Printing Office seem to be historically at the vanguard of Harvard's not-so-militant labor movement. The


Jimmy Hoffa

It seems to be conventional wisdon that if and when significant numbers of white collar criminals find their way into


Loosening Up On Up and Out

There are times when the lives of assistant professors must be miserable. Given the prestige of the Harvard name only

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out