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Helen of Troy

Jacques Offenbach's score for La Belle Helene has probably never been equalled by anybody except Offen-bach. It is "music so

Getting Married

The dedicated sect of Shavians will rush off like lemmings to see Getting Married, will I or nill I, simply

Children of Darkness

In spite of its manifest and manifold weaknesses, Mr. Edwin Justus Mayer's muddled and misbegotten pastiche persists in being perversely

The Policeman

Perhaps The Policeman is of some interest to specialists in Eastern European affairs as a sample of what passes for

Caution: This Is Not a Review

Who goes to the Brattle on Sunday afternoons beside CRIMSON reviewers? When a Marx Brothers movie is announced, small children

A Moon for the Misbegotten

The sluttish earth-mother figure and the doomed, self-destructive wastrel have appeared before in Eugene O'Neill's plays; some day--if it has

The Glass Menagerie

In the second part of The Glass Menagerie a Gentleman Caller finally enters the Wingfield home in a St. Louis

A Blow for Freedom

This is the true tale of how one brave man (Henry Fordyce, Jr.*) fought a great university (this one) to

A View from the Bridge

Like much of Arthur Miller's other work, A View from the Bridge belongs to the Drama of Embarrassment--almost the dominant

Heartbreak House

The seven stars of Heartbreak House seem to be wandering aimlessly in a wilderness of script. Harold Clurman, for all

Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger will go down in history for leading British drama out of the drawing room and into

Man and Superman

Bernard Shaw's "three-ring circus," as H. L. Mencken called Man and Superman, "with Ibsen doing running high jumps; Schopenhauer playing


Repertory Boston, so recently given up for dead, is demonstrating not only life but considerable liveliness in presenting the English-language

Princess Ida

Sometime in the life of every Gilbert and Sullivan company there arises the onerous necessity of mounting Princess Ida --usually

Passionella and Other Stories

On the second floor of a nondescript building in Greenwich Village, above a reducing salon (and around the corner, for