Ivan Oransky


Student Injuries On Rise

Genevieve Roach '94 can't type or play piano for more than an hour a time. Any longer than that, and


Solving the Primary Care Crisis

P rimary care. These days, it's the hot topic in medicine. Everyone wants more primary care practitioners, and everyone has


Down to a Science

S cience concentrators who work in The Crimson's newsroom are few and far between. You're much more likely to hear


Silent Stargazing

I tugged at the sleeping form of my 16-year-old brother. "Wake up, David. It's time." "Huh?" he murmured. "Oh..." We


Compromising Positions

C ompromises are, in general, good things. But American history is dotted with attempts at conciliation that, for one reason


Questioning the Experts' Motives

To many, science represents the ultimate Truth: hard, cold facts and figures, devoid of even the suggestion of partisanship or


Elusive Genes Discovered

It was the year of the brian. It was also the year of the gene. At Harvard's extensive network of


A Puppet-String Commencement

N eil L. Rudenstine is a very smart guy. The Corporation and the Board of Overseers knew it two years


The True Language of Insensitivity

V ygovoritye po-russki? I'm a fourth-generation Russian American. But my name leads many to believe, when they see or hear


Study: Vitamin E Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Is a $3 bottle of vitamins a cheap way to avoid open-heart surgery costing thousands of dollars? Not exactly, but


Shalala, Elders Will Speak At Medical Class Day Events

If Commencement Day speakers are any indication, the University is striving to make sure that Boston-to-Washington D.C. air shuttles stay


Huntington's Gene Located

After a frantic search lasting more than a decade, Harvard Medical School researchers will report this week that they have


Paying for High Moral Ground

L ike the citizens of Hamlin, who tried to get something for nothing. It's time for Harvard to pay the


Gehrig's Disease Gene Found

A group of Medical School researchers has found an altered gene that may be responsible for Lou Gehrig's disease, suggesting


Knowles Reveals Faculty's Wish List

A Faculty of Arts and Sciences "wish list" for the University's upcoming $2 billion capital campaign includes 41 new professorships,

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven