Beth Stephens


Peace and Quiet In DuBois Controversy

Like the caretaker of a freak that has been thrust into the limelight, what the administration wants for its W.E.B.


CRR Hears Case On DuBois Sit-in; Decision Due Soon

The Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR) held hearing last week for six students charged with violating the Resolution on


Harlem at Nighttime

L ANGSTON HUGHES created Jess B. Simple in his newspaper column in the Chicago Defender in the 1940's. Posing behind


Ford Says U.S. Faces Legal Crisis

NEW HAVEN-President Ford last night told a gathering of Yale Law School alumni that the United States faces "a basic


Cloudy Discourses

T HERE'S A MYTH at Harvard that undergraduates are ignored by departments and faculty members because graduate students are getting


DuBois Student Coalition Holds House Talks, Guerilla Theater

The DuBois Institute Student Coalition began last night a week of guerilla skits and House meetings designed to win student


Voluntary Leaves of Absence from Harvard, 1963-1971

The Harvard and Radcliffe administrations traditionally encouraged students to take a break during their four-year stints in college, this fall.


Battling A Harvard Tradition

Legend has it that Harvard had a chance to have what became the Yale Drama School, but turned it down;


A Week Of Speeches, Proposals

Critics of the University's handling of the proposed W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research got organized this week, kicking off


Merger as a Gut Issue

W HY MUST WOMEN feel pretentious, deceitful, when they say they go to Harvard? They attend classes at Harvard, live


4 Harvard Grads Appointed to Panel To Investigate CIA

Four Harvard graduates, including a former dean of the Law School, are among the eight men named by President Ford


New Ivy League Scholarship Formula Requires Parents to Contribute More

The increase in financial aid to scholarship students will be reduced by an average of $200 next year as a


The Sinister Institutions Vs. the 'Right to Know'

A growing awareness in the past few years of the mountains of data and statistics that institutions now collect on


Panelists Discuss Equal Opportunity As NOW Protests

Participants in a weekend conference on affirmative action at Harvard expressed frustration with their attempts to implement affirmative action programs


Harvard to Pay Larger Share Of Middle Class Scholarships

Harvard will increase scholarship awards to middle-income families, beginning with next year's freshman class. Middle-income scholarship families earning $15,000 to

Divest Harvard Assembles

Arrested Divestment

Echelman string sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting the Town: Boston's Big Art


ISIL is Not the End of the World

Difficulty Defining

The Difficulty of Defining Difficulty