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Raises, Not Roses

T HERE HAVE always been professions in which low pay, bad work conditions and rapid job turnover have made sure

Lost in Translation

T HE PECULIAR characteristics of the radio medium--flexibility, intimacy and the tremendous importance of the spoken word--tend to be lost

From false ideals to modernity

The name of Stephen Spender will always be associated with those of W.H. Auden, Louis MacNiece and C. Day Lewis--the

All in the Family

Ethel Barrymore never forgave George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber for the play that they based on her family, the

Warped Standards

I N JANUARY, 1970, Bowdoin College announced that it no longer required Scholastic Aptitude Test and Achievement Test scores from

A Recycled Cartoon

T HE REP'S PRODUCTION, and the first stage performance ever, of The Point suffers from the misbegotten mission of its

Getting the Ear of the Loeb

It is a perplexing fact that the people at the Loeb can't really say why original student work is so

Suffocating Nightmares

T HE PELICAN, not surprisingly, is one of August Strindberg's less popular works. Written by a man preparing to die,

Ho Hum

D IGGING THROUGH the fatter-than-ever course catalogue, the Humanities situation looks discouraging, at best. General Education is in a sad

To Be Is to Die

J EAN ANOUILH'S Antigone, a recreation rather than an adaptation of the Sophocles myth, explores a profound moral struggle between

Indian Summer

I was in a four-man plane flying north over the Gulf of St. Lawrence, over icebergs ten stories high, heading

The Love Song of Stephen Spender

It is agreed by most of the people I know that Joseph Conrad was a bad writer, just as it

A Comedy of Airs

T HE CAST of Winthrop House Dramatic Society's production of The Plain Dealer asks its audience to "Laugh at fools

Wishbones and Dry Bones

I SN'T IT THRILLING! For a mere twenty thousand dollars, you can now choose an alternative to both cremation and

Silent Witness to the Lives of Men

A SMALL laughing boy bounces a ball past an anonymous statue on a pedestal, then hurries off on a scooter.

Beauty After Ruin

Beauty After Ruin

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