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The Strike Fighting Harvard

AT 3:00 on the morning of May 11, a bleary-eyed Harvard Strike Steering Committee passed a statement that summarized the

Books The Sixties

1970; 366 pp.; $6.95 RETROSPECTIVES about the Sixties are invariably depressing. The Sixties was the first decade of unanswered questions,

The Panthers Fascist Tactics of Repression

THE RHETORIC of the Black Panther Party from its inception has been out of synch with the consciousness of the

Segal and Cowan Chat in Square

Paul Cowan '62 and Erich Segal '58 came to different Harvard Square stores yesterday to chat with different sets of

The Moviegoer The Magic Christian

IF THE violence that movie screenwriters have done to popular books sometimes hints of sadism, then Terry Southern is currently

Jean Genet Speaks in Support of Panthers

"The trial of all political activism in this country started with the trials of the Black Panthers." French playwright Jean

Genet Postpones Talk, Fatigued by Lectures

French poet and novelist Jean Genet, who is touring the United States to express his solidarity with the Black Panther

The Moviegoer Zabriskie Point at the Parls Cinema

MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI has made another film for us to argue about. Zabriskie Point, a lush extravaganza about the American youth

The WarThe SMC Cop-out

AS I JOGGED down Pennsylvania Avenue last November 15 to assemble towards the back of the now famous March on

Conference Endorses SMC

(Special to the CRIMSON) CLEVELAND, Ohio-After three stormy days of political debate and factional denunciations, the 3500 delegates to the

Anti-War Assemblage Gathers In Cleveland

(Special to the CRIMSON) CLEVELAND, OHIO, Feb. 13- Anti-war organizers from all over the country streamed into Case Western Reserve's

Ohio Anti-War Conference Begins; Peace Groups Map Spring Action

A three-day conference, called to map out plans for a spring anti-war offensive, begins today at Case Western Reserve Institute

Books A Way Out "The Master Game: Beyond the Drug Experience"

MAN, philosophical anthropologists tell us, is the only animal that is aware of his mortality. This awareness causes him so

Genet's The Blacks: A Director's Viewpoint

A lot has happened to theatre since you graduated from Harvard. As a student/actor in the '50's, were you involved

Confessions of a Long-Haried Aristocrat

I What has always hurt most about fighting the "radical" fight is that it is so thankless. Every time "working-class"