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Sin and Silence

I T IS NOT surprising that talk of sin is what we Northerners are hearing from the South this election


Some recent observations on the media: Liberals and strategically-important southern Africa: The Rev. Rex Humbard prize for rightist propaganda goes

Part of the Way with Jimmy

E VEN IN PLATITUDE and papered-over unity, it's hard to hate the Democrats. They remind you of a doddering old,

Big Bad Wolfe

T OM WOLFE IS BACK--in this month's issue of Harper's, with a piece on the phony radicalism of the American

King Mob

F OR 200 YEARS and more the United States has been generally free of what Europeans would call "Men of


Something should be said early on, in this newly-revived column of press clips, about the dean of press clips himself,

The Future of Spain

F ROM THE ONSET of industrialization in the late nineteenth century, Spain was the only European country where the Anarchists

Empty Victories

S HORT STORIES ARE BEST when the background can be assumed and the foreground is fleshed out. Henry James, obsessed

Labor's Love Lost

H OFFA NEVER could make the distinction, Murray Kempton wrote, between mine and thine--for all his right-wing bullshit (rapists should

Who Rules the Universities?

T HE STORY MIGHT READ BETTER as a novel, opening as it does with a scene that Sinclair Lewis would

The Real Threat in Portugal

O N THE horizon of Portugal's present looms Chile's past. The spectre of counterrevolution is forming: Spinola, bearer of rightist

A World Which Is Lost

I HAVE A FRIEND named Paul, whose father works at a blast furnace at a steel mill in Gary. Indiana

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time

Photo Man
Ivy League

Beyond The Silver Screen

Larry, In His Element

Professor Summers

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization