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Sin and Silence

I T IS NOT surprising that talk of sin is what we Northerners are hearing from the South this election


Some recent observations on the media: Liberals and strategically-important southern Africa: The Rev. Rex Humbard prize for rightist propaganda goes

Part of the Way with Jimmy

E VEN IN PLATITUDE and papered-over unity, it's hard to hate the Democrats. They remind you of a doddering old,

Big Bad Wolfe

T OM WOLFE IS BACK--in this month's issue of Harper's, with a piece on the phony radicalism of the American

King Mob

F OR 200 YEARS and more the United States has been generally free of what Europeans would call "Men of


Something should be said early on, in this newly-revived column of press clips, about the dean of press clips himself,

The Future of Spain

F ROM THE ONSET of industrialization in the late nineteenth century, Spain was the only European country where the Anarchists

Empty Victories

S HORT STORIES ARE BEST when the background can be assumed and the foreground is fleshed out. Henry James, obsessed

Labor's Love Lost

H OFFA NEVER could make the distinction, Murray Kempton wrote, between mine and thine--for all his right-wing bullshit (rapists should

Who Rules the Universities?

T HE STORY MIGHT READ BETTER as a novel, opening as it does with a scene that Sinclair Lewis would

The Real Threat in Portugal

O N THE horizon of Portugal's present looms Chile's past. The spectre of counterrevolution is forming: Spinola, bearer of rightist

A World Which Is Lost

I HAVE A FRIEND named Paul, whose father works at a blast furnace at a steel mill in Gary. Indiana