Thomas Hines


Two American Actors

Possible Opening #1: Defensive Apologies --They'll tell you that art imitates life and that popular art reflects popular life. They'll



P ITY THE poor immigrant: Russian movies have a tough time of it here in America. The usual schema involves



We live in perilous times--or at least splayed ones. It's not so much that things are going to hell in


Court Overturns Church Liquor Veto

The first U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this week declared unconstitutional a Massachusetts law that had allowed the Holy Cross


Real Realism

A BOUT ten minutes into Cutter's Way, something strange happens. What's gone before has been strictly cinematic--scenes that have become


A Continental Op

The woman stared at Nunheim dully and said, "I don't like crooks, and even if I did. I wouldn't like


'Jump, Jump'

S AM SHEPARD lives in that very rare space between hallucination and vision. It is the place inhabited by all


The Green Hills of Manhattan

I've never read Gentlemen's Quarterly, and I've never really liked anyone who did--they always struck me as people who thought


A Good Measure

M EASURE FOR MEASURE has always been one of the most problematic of Shakespeare's plays. It's kind of mutant tragedy,


The King's Last Limousine

"Here's the thing," a man from Burgaw County, North Carolina, is telling me. "It weren't like what people think." Burgaw


Careening Classic

W ATCHING Raiders of the Lost Ark is somewhat akin to strapping yourself into a P-58 Mustang, which, as any


While Venerable Gen Ed Withers

"Any educational reform has a half-life," says Edward T. Wilcox. "It's a natural running down--an entropy that just seems inevitable."


Studio Monitor

M ICHAEL J. ARLEN writes about television much the same way Nabokov wrote about the appalling manners of the bourgeoise--as


Armies of the Night

T HERE COMES A point in Absent Without Love when you realize just how haphazard the creative imagination is. It


Knock, Knock

R OYAL PALMS ALWAYS look mangy in Los Angeles--like furry, drooping tarantulas. They are hugely out of place. There's never

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This Is CS50.

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Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven