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'Tis the Season to Spend

Hare Krishna Santa Clauses, a prefabricated creche, plastic lights and boughs, and a lone Salvation Army horn player are ushering

City Councilor Will Initiate 'Political War'

Known for leading an investigation of the Cambridge Housing Administration (CHA) and free of obligations to any organized political groups,

Freshmen Challenge CHUL Elections

Several freshmen have said the elections held Monday for representatives to the Committee on Housing and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) should

FDO Reviews Security in Harvard Yard

The Freshman Dean's Office is reviewing security in Harvard Yard and warning freshmen of possible security problems following the rape

Smoking Linked To Emphysema In Lab Rats

Researchers at the Medical School have moved closer to establishing a cause-effect correlation between cigarette smoking and emphysema by inducing

Yale Students Ask Vance For Strike Solution

Yale student groups supporting the university's striking maintenance workers will continue their efforts this weekend by asking Secretary of State

Tufts Faculty Members Protest Philippine Grant

Nearly 80 faculty members of Tufts University have signed a letter protesting the university's acceptance last week of a $1.5

New Lights to Make Common Brighter, Safer in Evenings

Harvard students who walk to and from the Quad at night will find their trips a little brighter next month,

State House Thwarts Grass and Gays

State representatives advocating marijuana decriminalization will fight to revive a decriminalization bill quashed by the Legislature's Judiciary Committee on Wednesday,