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New Group Achieves Harmony, Seeks Identity

The classical music scene at Harvard just got a little easier on the ear: Harvard students have founded an as-yet

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Universal keycard access in the Houses is an issue that has been a subject of debate among administrators and students

Our Town

The crowd gathered around a Carpenter Center table could almost pass for a cat-burglar convention--the students, lecturer and TF are

Breaking Through to The Other Side

N othing breeds curiosity, ill-will, fantasy or 5 a.m. fire alarms quite like the firedoor. That forbidden "In case of

Jazzing Up Dunster Cafe

L ast Tuesday night, while most Harvard students were reading, writing, studying or indulging in some form of procrastination, a

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The Miss America pageant has come to Harvard. It has arrived in the form of a young woman with sparkling

A Night to Remember

A s Harvard's residential Houses lose their unique flavors due to randomization, House formals provide a way for residents to

On the Town

For better or for worse, telling someone that you go to Harvard changes their perception of you. As far as


The cigarette for the new age Marlboro Man. Sexy packaging to go with an environmentally conscious attitude. GPC Quality is

More Than Words

Question: How do you give a J.A.P. an orgasm? Answer: Scream "Charge it to Daddy!" --Lynn Davidman, illustrating stereotypes through

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In this year, Harvard students voted in support of both Beth A. Stewart's '99 anti-activist platform, as well as the

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You don't need a T-Bird or an "I Like Ike" button to enjoy that classic American institution of the fifties:

A Dream Come True

Most actors, at one point or another, construct some sort of "discovery" fantasy. Spotted by an agent in a mall