Irin Carmon


Midshipman Follows Family Naval Tradition

When it comes to e-mail writing, she favors exclamation points and capital letters. For fashion, it’s white Lacoste and pearl


Obama, Keyes Face Off in Race

Two Harvard men will make history today in the election for an Illinois Senate seat that has pitted Harvard Law


Harvard Flocks to Electoral Vote Site

Harvard has topped yet another ranking, but this time, getting to number one has little to do with academic prowess


The Guy Behind the Guy

When Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean threw off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and let loose the scream heard


Latter Day Success

Maybe it was beginner’s luck. Fresh out of Harvard, having swooped headlong into the pit of motion picture dreams that


Wine Harvesting

Somewhere between the dining hall and the box wine, something of the beauty of food and wine gets lost. This


Elvis Mitchell Takes on Harvard

Elvis Mitchell likes to disarm. Even in person, the same arresting wit he unleashes on readers and fearful filmmakers in


Shelter From the Storm

You could walk by University Lutheran Homeless Shelter without ever noticing it, unless you stopped to wonder who was taking


Wined and Dined

They’ve trudged through 16 inches of snow, variously clad in snow boots and stilettos. The destination: an annual FM event


Gentlemen Prefer To Be Blondes

Just for tonight, Stacy, born Scott Campbell, is onstage with Hollywood’s greatest. There’s Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon ’47 is close


The Brattle Hosts a "Feast for the Eyes"

Despite the cherished pretensions some of us may hold about ourselves—that we are artistically savvy, that we are cosmopolitan aesthetes—it


Style Deconstructed

Luke M. Rickford ’06 Man-about-town and English concentrator Rickford is one of the few straight males on campus who counts


Standing By

I am watching the crowds thin until only leftovers linger: the babies, the wheelchairs, the dogs, the desperate. There are


There She Is

“So you’re from Hahvard,” says the cop. “Are you rich, or are you smart?” Pause. “Both?” I’m standing with an


Alums Wow, Fall Short At Pageant

ATLANTIC CITY—Breaking records and shattering stereotypes, Harvard alums made a glittering double appearance at the Miss America competition last Saturday

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This Is CS50.

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Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven