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Conant Reported Unknown, Stirs German Publicity Try

BERLIN, Germany, Jan. 20-Beyond official "we are honored" courtesies, the German reaction to President Conant's appointment as High Commissioner is:

21 Year Old Call Won't Change Draft Situation

Selective Service qualifications of University students won't change a bit as a result of an order from Major General Lewis

Faculty Passes Proposal to Decentralize Dean's Office

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences yesterday approved a plan to shift most of the Dean's Office into the Houses.

Cabbages and Kings

Each week Al Capp, the creator and continuing source of life of L'il Abner, presides over a half hour television


Yale's director of Athletics, Bob Hall, is probably an unhappy and embarrassed man today. His disclosure yesterday that Yale intends

Ederer Scores Against Tigers

Herman Hickman must have had a perfectly miserable afternoon at the Stadium Saturday. Everything the rotund Yale coach looked at


It was a pleasure. Except for the few in the stands who had been around for the 1948 football season,

William Carlos Williams Reviews His Life

More poets should write their autobiographies if the one William Carlos Williams published is a fair sample. Poets tend to

Egg in Your Beer

Every Saturday, the "greatest football games in the East" flick across the stage of the Pilgrim Theatre. For eighty-five cents

Bender Quits Dean's Office for Admissions

Wilbur J. Bender '27, Dean of the College, will leave that post and as of September 1952 will become Director

Egg in Your Beer

Last year $70 of every student's tuition went to the H.A.A. to defray the $300,000 deficit it accumulated. Right now

University to Consider Three-Year AB Degree

The Harvard of the future might introduce a special program leading to an A.B. degree in three years. This term

Saint Joan

One playwright after another has taken a whack at writing a play about Joan of Arc but the play by

H.A.A. Deficit Triples in 1950-1951; Modified Athletic Policies Expected

Drops in football receipts were a major factor in causing athletic deficits to climb an estimated 209 percent during the

Shuffled Crew Races Cornell Boat at Ithaca

The only thing the varsity crew will really have to fear when it rows Cornell at Ithaca tomorrow is fear