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Outdoing Tradition

T HE LIBERALS are starting to stage their comeback. Virtually unnoticed by the press, 1100 avowed liberal Democrats gathered in

Legal Battle

Harvard Law School appears the picture of serenity and timelessness. To the untrained eye, nothing could ever change there--behind the

Wait Until Next Year

The Law Review ended a month of negotiations with the faculty last week when it agreed to delay implementation of

Faculty Panel Displeased With Law Review Plans

Detlev J. Vagts, professor of Law and chairman of the Law School committee reviewing the Law Review's affirmative action program,

Deans Petition For Legal Services

More than 140 American law school deans--including Albert M. Sacks, dean of the Law School--sent a letter to Congress this

Less Pressure

In a surprising move, the Michelman Committee, a student-faculty panel reviewing education at the Law School, yesterday submitted a proposal

Pass-Fail Grading Proposed For First Year Law Students

In a report that will be sent to all Law School faculty today, the Michelman Committee, a student-faculty group reviewing

Reflections on a Decade As Law School Dean

On July 31. Albert Sacks will walk out of his office on the second floor of Griswold Hall at the

Law School Fails In Effort to Get Top Legal Scholar

A Stanford University law professor has accepted a tenured position at New York University, despite the Law School's long-term efforts

Advise and Somnolent

T HERE IS A FUNDAMENTAL injustice in the publishing world. Books by famous people get on the bookstands. They are

James Vorenberg

In 1970, a professor at the Law School introduced an innovative way to learn criminal law. He sent his students

Convention Blues

N EW YORK--Notes from Democratic Convention Headquarters: Two people were dispatched from Convention Headquarters here to watch the Republican convention

Tie Shatters Laxwomen's Title Hopes; Princeton and Yale Share Ivy Crown

The women's lacrosse team will have to wait another year to win an Ivy League championship. The laxwomen yesterday lost

Former Ambassador to Egypt Sees New Mid-East Tensions

Sir Willie Morris, former British ambassador to Egypt, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia, said yesterday recent events have increased the likelihood

Coll Leads Rally to Protest Complacency Towards Poor

"Harvard is the cradle of elitism and of bigotry in Boston, not the cradle of liberty," Edward T. (Ned) Coll,