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Endpaper: Tintin

Once upon a time, in a Europe not so different from our own, there was a tiny Balkan country called


What I Saw at the Senior Bar

Someone has taped a lime-green slip of paper to the door of my New Quincy suite, redeemable for one does

Deconstructing the Plan File

You are about to read the shortest senior thesis ever written at Harvard. I am submitting it to the English

Put on Something Sexy and Hit the Stacks

Harvard lacks a social center. Or so the pundits say. Earlier this week, the Undergraduate Council pledged $25,000 toward the


A Hawk's Eye View of Harvard

As I returned home to Quincy House a few nights ago, I saw a large skunk scurry across Plympton Street


KENT At the Roxy February 6 Kent is Sweden's most popular band, but they're hardly heard of outside the land


KENT/THE CARDIGANS From Sweden With Love At The Roxy February 6 The Cardigans and Kent-two of Sweden's most popular bands--played

Running the Recruiting Gauntlet

You might have seen me walking around campus in a suit last week. Then again, I was probably difficult to

Stranger Than Fiction

MARK LEYNER Author of The Tetherballs of Bougainville In person, Mark Leyner barely resembles the fictional persona of his novels,

Plasma Meets Politics in 'Shedding Life'

Czech history is full of political polymaths--the nation's first president, T.G. Masaryk, was trained as a philosopher, while Vaclav Havel

No Exit: Insightful Student-Written Play Shows Audience Complicity

In Shakespeare's day, "groundlings" referred to the unruly rabble who crowded into the front pit of the Globe Theater. In

Searching for Coetzee in the South African Veldt

Autobiographies tend to fall into three broad categories: lives of the rich and famous, twisted tales of the dysfunctional and

Chinese Eatery To Stay Open

Until Harvard unexpectedly reversed its decision not to renew the lease of the Yenching Restaurant yesterday, the landmark Chinese eatery

Prevalence of Eating Disorders Considered

Society's increasing demands on women's self-image have contributed to the prevalence of eating disorders, Catherine Steiner-Adair told a crowd of