Meredith A. Palmer


The Art of Baring Humanity

W HILE THE Metropolitan Museum of New York has been digging up Greek vases from European collections, the Fogg has


The Art of Following Bird Calls

T HE NAVAHO INDIANS use the same word for both grey and brown. The Hopi in their thoughts about events


Art for McGovern

W ITH THE DEMOCRATS in '72, the closed convention and the myth of the alienated artist have become things of



D ANCE DOESN'T EASILY take the lead in the arts at Harvard, but when Rika Burnham steps on stage, as


The Total Architect

W HEN ART steps off her pedestal to embrace everyman, she becomes a daily social concern. When the problems of


Environment and Sculpture

It is hard to miss the monumental building construction infringing on Memorial Hall's quadrangle, yet Harvard's new sculptural acquisitions are


Some Pulitzers for the Fogg

H arvard has always been a nursery school for the arts; it trained art expert Bernard Berenson, who later fell


New Committee Reviews The Undergraduate Arts

President Bok announced yesterday the formation of a committee to review the role of the arts in the University's undergraduate


Harvard Sets Art Guidelines

The Corporation yesterday approved the Bond Report which calls for Harvard to "join with other responsible institutions and collectors in


Photography At the Fogg

P hotography has long been alien to the Fogg's didactic galleries of art classics. Whether this embargo was nurtured by


Paul Sanasardo Dance Company

I f someone had been sent to resurrect Martha Graham, great founding mother of modern dance who retired from stage


Three for the Show

Marshall McLuhan and the Carpenter Center aren't the only people interested in understanding media. This month, the Fogg Art Museum,


Robbins Begins as Fogg Director

The Fogg Art Museum went through an extensive housecleaning this summer: Along with newly painted walls, freshly waxed floors, and


The Bauhaus at the Busch-Reisinger Museum

The influence of the famous German design school, the Bauhaus, on the arts today is as apparent as the ubiquitous


The Gardner Museum

WHAT would you call a woman who drinks beer, drives a locomotive, or walks a lion on a leash down

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Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out