William A. Weber


Joseph Szigeti

(Reprinted from the Harvard Crimson, Feb. 22, 1963. Mr. Szigeti will lecture on his recordings with Bartok in Paine Hall


Saint Pelagia

A month ago I attacked the student opera The Cursed Dauncers for its facile use of medieval setting. The Conversion


Student Music

The management of this concert showed some worthwhile innovations. Several of the performers were musicians hired for the occasion, and


Israel in Egypt

A Handel oratorio is almost too much fun; it's just so easy to bellow out that "good old Handel," the


The Cursed Daunsers

Some simple facts about The Cursed Daunsers' presentation at the Loeb are worth acclaim in themselves. The opera presents the


Beethoven and Cage

The program which Adams House presented on Wednesday night seemed at the start totally miscellaneous. The Beethoven Violin Sonata, Op.96,


Schrade Discusses Fate In Development of Opera

Baroque opera laid the ground for all music drama that was to follow it, contended Leo Schrade at his fourth


Rebirth of Music Drama, Tragedy Was Limited, Schrade Maintains

"Is the story of the rebirth of the music drama that of the miscarriage of tragedy?" Leo Schrade asked at


Schrade Describes Role of 'Daemon' in Tragedy

"The affinity of the tragic and the daemonic is the chisel with which to cut in relief the face of


Henry Swoboda

As Henry Swoboda, the new conductor of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, greets you, he shoots out his baton hand with disarming


Harvard Wind Ensemble

The formation of a University wind ensemble apart from the Harvard Band was a wise move, as the Harvard Wind


Leon Kirchner

Leon Kirchner has had a startling career as a professional pianist, a most prominent composer, and now Professor of Music


The Glee Club and Choral Society

The joint concert of the Harvard and Radcliffe choruses Friday night was not an Etcetera concert. That was fortunate: choral


The Claremont Quartet

Since the Claremont Quartet played three modern works Thursday night, the question naturally arises of how radical each quartet was--traditional?


Dido and Aeneas

Ideals of love as high as Dido's demand much from a production if they are to be convincing. Dido, of

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