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The old Club 47 was the place to go in Cambridge seven or eight years ago. You'd walk down those


The Other Side of This Life

G ERRY KELLEY'S COMPANY was getting up at 4.25 that Saturday morning. It was dark, raining and cold where they


Results Are Uncertain in 12th District

It was a long night in the 12th Congressional District. At the Dreamwold in Scituate Harbor, several hundred supporters of


South Boston's 9th Tries to Square 2 Traditional Democrats in 1 Race

T HE PEOPLE OF SOUTH BOSTON are going to have a problem when they go to the polls tomorrow. There


McGovern Brings Campaign to Boston And Only Suburban Liberals Turn Out

Two years ago, a young liberal running for Congress in a district which included the very poor, heavily blue collar


Two Liberals Battle in the Fourth District

As much as anyone in Congress. Father Robert F. Drinan has become a symbol of those rare successes of the


The Conventional Wisdom Fails Again

F OR THE PAST several months, the conventional wisdom among reputedly knowledgeable political columnists has been that Senator George McGovern


Muskie Brings Campaign to Massachusetts; Urges Staff to 'Act as Extension of Myself'

Senator Edmund S. Muskie (D-Maine) brought his travelling campaign show to Boston last night, and appealed to his Massachusetts delegates


Wallace Wins Overwhelming Victory

ORLANDO, Fla.--"Stand up for America" is the slogan, and they came last night to stand up and sing and shout


Muskie's Politics of Deceit

"BELIEVE MUSKIE," the campaign buttons proclaim. "Trust Muskie," read the bumper stickers. Indeed, in a campaign almost totally devoid of


Muskie Sets Labor Support; McGovern Is a Close Second

MANCHESTER, N.H.--Senator Edmund S. Muskie (D-Maine) had everything to lose in the New Hampshire primary. Although he already won, he


Punch Goes' the Judy

209 pages. $5.95. THERE HAVE been so many books about young people and the revolution, and so many of them


D.C. Braces for March

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Nearly 10,000 police, National Guardsmen, and federal troops are massing today at strategic sites around Washington to prevent the


Police Arrest 335 at Justice Department

WASHINGTON-In Algonquin Peace City people are afraid. Mayday leaders are afraid that internal disputes may destroy the sense of community


D.C. Disruptions Continue Despite Arrests at HEW

WASHINGTON-Despite the arrest of over 200 persons yesterday at the Department of Health. Education and Welfare (HEW), antiwar demonstrators will

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out