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Varsity Track Seems Unbeatable As Strong Indoor Season Closes

What's big? powerful, fast steady, unbeatable, and getting better every day? The Harvard Track Team. Last year's squad was the

The Inspector General

This play contains several obvious, though still dangerous, pitfalls. It was written 130 years ago for a theatre with habits

Major Barbara

Those actors and technicians of the Loeb's Major Barbara, at least those who feel conscientious enough, should see the Charles

Arthur Kopit

Arthur Kopit is too impatient to take anything seriously. If you saw him navigate his little black Porsche through Mass.

The Ipcress File

This is the first of the anti-Ian Fleming films, and if the others are as enjoyable, they may drive James


Help! takes up where A Hard Day's Night left off. The Beatles have come of age. In fact, they seem

The Knack

The Knack is a perfect summertime film, a celluloid gin and tonic -- bright, sparkling, mildly intoxicating, and not-at-all a

, Fiscal Woes

Operation Match, the "computer dating service" which a good deal of humorous interest at Harvard last Spring, is falling into


Like the pavement on the road to hell, this film has been made with good intentions. Joseph E. Levine wanted

The Beggar's Opera

In the transition from the Adams House Dining Hall to the Loeb Main Stage, The Beggar's Opera both gained and

After the Fall

It's easier to treat After the Fall like any other new American play, now that the shock and reverence of

Mime I

Saturday morning I would have told you to dash over to the Loeb Experimental Theatre, at least half an hour

The Roar of the Greasepaint-The Smell of the Crowd

The cast of The Roar of the Greasepaint-The Smell of the Crowd sings, dances, shouts, and seats its way through

The Beggar's Opera

Five plays appear on Harvard stages tonight, but the Adams House Drama society has simplified the choice. You can't do

2 Sophs, Unafraid of Lung Cancer, Produce 'Kiss of Death' Cigarettes

Two Harvard sophomores, in an attempt to express commercially the view taken by the Surgeon General on cigarette smoking, have