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Heads Roll for Christ

By Garrett Epps and John G. Simon

After a seance, an exhibition of "ESP," and a near-beheading. The World's Greatest Illusionist told an audience of 250 in the Quincy House dining hall last night that the dead do not return.

He Will Return

However, Andre Kole-a magician-evangelist touring colleges for the Campus. Crusade for Christ-said that Christ will soon return and enter Jerusalem amid war, famine, earthquake, and widespread use of drugs.

Kole's performance-"Unmasking the Unknown" -was jointly sponsored by the Campus Crusade and the Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship. After conducting a mock seance, "seeing" with his fingertips, and describing while blindfolded objects held by startled students, Kole unmasked his demonstrations as "extra-sensory deception" -and said that most such performances are fraudulent.

Kole debunked "prophets" like Jeanne Dixon, but went on to say that he had some predictions of his own which "could affect the lives of everyone" in the audience.

Using magician's props, Kole cited Biblical evidence that the Second Coming would occur in this generation. He linked five steel rings to illustrate that five major prophecies heralding the return of Christ-war, famine, earthquake, the use of sorcery (drugs), and tension in the Middle East-are being fulfilled.

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