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Bring Back Mac

R ICHMOND, VA.--If you had asked me while I was at Harvard exactly what it was that Dean Dunlop did.

Neo-fascist Movies

I T HAS BEEN obvious for a long time that American filmmakers are unable to deal with the politics of

A Parting Shot

T he last veteran of the American Civil War died on December 19, 1959. His name was Walter Williams and

Hyland Freed, Deported From Prison in Mexico

After three months in a Mexico City jail, Richard E. Hyland '69-70 was released by Mexican authorities December 20. Hyland--who

FBI Seeks Chinatown Informers

A leaflet, written in Chinese and asking newly arrived Chinese immigrants to inform the FBI of any "subversive activities," has

Rusty Calley: His Follies and Fortunes

R usty Calley has evoked unpleasant responses from almost all elements of American society: professional members of the silent majority

Former Harvard Student Seized as Rebel in Mexico

Richard E. Hyland '69-70, once a prominent member of Harvard's radical movement, has been arrested by Mexican police for alleged

...And Larry DiCara Passes the First Test

L arry DiCara, Harvard '71, guessed exactly where he would finish in last, week's City Council primary before returns had

...And Larry DiCara Passes the First Test

L arry DiCara, Harvard '71, guessed exactly where he would finish in last week's City Council primary before returns had

Meditations on a Quiet Year

The stars are dead; the animals will not look; We are left alone with our day, and time is short

Looking Backward, 1971-1970

The News of the Year in Review Teach-In Disruption The pro-war "Counter Teach-In" seemed an unlikely crisis at first: it

Pusey Baccalaureate Speech Berates Youth

About 200 members of the Harvard and Radcliffe graduating classes, participating in the first joint Harvard and Radcliffe Baccalaureate ceremony,

Harvard to Spend $10,000 For Filling 'Muddy Pond'

Harvard is currently filling in the "Muddy Pond"-a marshy waterhole in the Jamaica Plain in which two small children drowned

Stanford 'Daily' Sues Police

The Stanford Daily-Stanford's student newspaper-filed suit in a Federal court yesterday to prevent a recurrence of a raid on its

Antiwar Groups to Stage Protests Here

Boston groups will stage antiwar demonstrations today and tomorrow. Today's will be a Moratorium-style rally on the Boston Common. Tomorrow