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'The Spirit of a Man is Raised'-Allen Ginsberg Singing Blake

WHEN William Blake was very young he came home one day and told his parents that he had seen angels

Seniors Plan To Hold Alternate Graduation

An ad hoc group of graduating seniors will stage an alternative commencement program Thursday as a reaction against the "business

Ed School Rejects Recess, Permits Personal Politics

The Faculty of Education voted yesterday by a narrow margin to reverse its earlier decision that would have recessed classes

Peace Action Sets Up Series of Workshops

The war, racism, and student protest are among the topics for workshops to be held today through Wednesday on the

End of the Road

currently at the Cinema II in New York City JOHN BARTH'S End of the Road is one of my favorite

Law School Sets Drive To Enroll More Girls

Harvard Law School has begun a program for the recruitment of new women students, similar to the current program to

Heads Roll for Christ

After a seance, an exhibition of "ESP," and a near-beheading. The World's Greatest Illusionist told an audience of 250 in

Dunster Men Develop Coed Plan; Hope to Exchange With the 'Cliffe

Reacting to their exclusion from this spring's coed living exchange, the men of Dunster House are striking back with a

Traumatic Day for Yalies As 90 Get Old Society Tap

NEW HAVEN, May 3, 1951--Yale passed through an annual emotional crisis this evening in the courtyard of Branford College. This