Senior Committee Finalized

The Harvard Alumni Association announced last Thursday the remaining members of the Senior Class Committee, a microcosm of the Class of 2013 that includes best friends, students who had never met before, as well as six House Committee co-chairs.

The newly elected committee members—Francis G. Thumpasery ’13 who will serve as secretary, Pratyusha Yalamanchi ’13 who will serve as treasurer, and Liora N. Simozar ’13 who will serve as webmaster—will join the eight class marshals and 13 House Representatives in planning senior social activities this year, including Senior Week and Class Day.

The HAA also announced the five members of the Senior Gift Committee who will spearhead fundraising efforts for the senior gift: Lillian M. Kivel ’13, Gresa Matoshi ’13, Schuyler A. Milender ’13, Catherine E. Williams ’13, and Danni Xie ’13.

The Senior Committee, with the exception of the Senior Gift Committee, met for the first time last Wednesday. Nina M. Yancy ’13, who was elected as the first class marshal by her classmates in mid-September, said she was surprised by the “incredible creativity” displayed by the committee members during the first meeting.

“Since everyone is so excited for their jobs, I don’t think we will have any trouble getting along,” Yancy said.


The entire group, including the Senior Gift Committee, will meet for the first time this Wednesday.

Members of the Senior Committee said they look forward to bringing the senior class together during the months preceding graduation, as well as in the years after they receive their diplomas.

Thumpasery, a Crimson multimedia editor, said he is excited to help make senior year special for members of the class of 2013. He hopes to strengthen the bond of the class by providing opportunities for effective communication amongst seniors.

“There are many exciting things we can do as a class, and we’re going to enjoy senior year,” Thumpasery said, adding that these events will help the class grow closer as a community.

Alissa N. Changala ’13, a Dunster House Committee co-chair, also said she was excited to plan events for Senior Week and to reach out to different communities on campus.

As the only senior from Dunster who ran for the Senior Class Committee, Changala said she hopes to prolong the sense of community the House system fosters into adulthood.

“When you graduate college, the things that people ask are, ‘When did you graduate and what House were you?’” Changala said. “When people think of Dunster, I want them to remember good memories and be proud to be in Dunster.”

Matoshi, one of five Senior Gift co-chairs, said she is looking forward to how she can give back to the College even after graduation.

Matoshi said that she is grateful for the financial opportunities and resources the College provides and believes that serving as a member of the Senior Gift Committee would be the best way to contribute to Harvard community.

Though members of the Committee expressed different motivations for serving as leaders of the senior class, all the individuals interviewed for this story agreed they are looking forward to bringing the senior class together this year.