My Top Five Disney Princes

I'm a sucker for royalty.

Sarah P Reid

5.  Li Shang (from “Mulan”)

For one, if you think Jeremy Lin challenges the conventional stereotype of the Asian man, take a look at Shang; his animated muscles could break Lin in half.  Second, Shang is voiced by the sexy B.D. Wong—for those of you who are bad at telling Asians apart, he played Dr. George Huang on “Law  & Order: SVU” for over 10 years.

4.  Simba (from “The Lion King”)

Yeah, he’s a lion, but he’s still a freaking prince. I’m a sucker for royalty (like, Prince of Wales royalty, not White Castle or Burger King royalty). Simba also rocks that mane like no other. In addition,  his unexpectedly dark quip also makes me weak in the knees: “I laugh in the face of danger!” I love bad boys—I mean, lions.  Stop judging.

3.  Flynn Rider (from “Tangled”)

Flynn is one of the most recent and hottest Disney princes. He pulls off a goatee, and his torso boasts unrealistic proportions that would make Ken jealous. What makes Flynn number three, though, is his signature look: “the smolder.” Since seeing that, I have believed in the power of animated films.

2.  The Beast (from “Beauty and the Beast”)

Ahh, the Beast. “Beauty and the Beast” was the first Broadway show I ever saw; you never forget your first. He makes my city-girl, English-concentrator heart beat so fast (out of fear?). But he also teaches little girls the very important lesson that you can completely transform a man—body and soul, fur and fangs—with your love. I mean, that’s how love works, right? If your man is still a beast, clearly you need to work harder and make more sandwiches.

1.  Nicholas T Rinehart (from “Arts Board”)

Is our outgoing—not outgoing in that sense—columns exec technically a Disney prince? No. But am I his Disney princess? No; I’m not really his demographic. But is he my Disney prince? Absolutely. Once you get past his curmudgeonly demeanor, his secretly sweet nature and piercing gray eyes are to die for. Would I die for him? No; I’ll leave that to Pocahontas. Would he die for me? Probs not; I mentioned I’m not his demographic, right? But his side-splitting quips and reluctant smile make him prince enough for me.

—Hayley C. Cuccinello is the outgoing Covers Executive. She also has served as Sentimental Executive and Food Executive. She loves mice, vivid lipstick, and the Arts board.


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