Anatomy of a Crimson Commenter

I'm your huckleberry :-)
By Megan B. Prasad

You’ve seen them lurking, lingering on the last lines of words you once read. You’ve wondered how they have so much time, you can barely skim. It’s possible you—innocent you!—have even engaged one in a cyber war.

It’s time to meet one of’s top commenters, alias ShadrachSmith.

A Night to Be Free,” an op-ed on overtly sexual costumes as a form of escapism

Express your inner slut? Why?

Education and Application,” an op-ed on tangible methods of addressing local homelessnes

Why did Obama get his head handed to him by Romney last night?

They both went to Harvard, but it looked like only one of them showed up at class.

An Insectivore’s Manifesto,” an op-ed on “the joys of eating insects”

What if a kid brings a bag of fried grasshoppers to school for lunch?Will Michelle let him eat them?

The ‘People’s Senator’ Fights to Make Mass. Seat His Own,” a news article on Scott Brown’s senate race

It would take a whole heap of nuance to explain why you would reject a good and decent man who is devoted to public service to elect a corrupt, Marxist Pretendian.

Mandarin? No thanks,” an op-ed on why Mandarin is not the language of the future

Jorge has a good point.

English is the world's language. That isn't my fault, and I don't feel a bit guilty about it. If you do, you need therapy, or a new political outlook.

Tonal languages are not as good vocally, because all the expression that tone can add to English is entirely used up by vocabulary in tonal languages. If we had a tonal language, Mel Torme would have never existed.

I have no problem with studying any language you wish, I don't have that Liberal fetish about not wanting anybody else to do whatever I don't want to do. But insofar as Jorge, after considered study, has decided to disagree with his dad...well done.

You guys who want to pick on somebody who is glad English is the world's language?

I'm your huckleberry :-)

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