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A Healthier Harvard

We hope that the current campus energy around mental health can stimulate further discussion and improvements.

15Q: Lawrence G. Wright

Lawrence G. Wright has traveled all over the world, but he still speaks with a Texas twang. On Jan. 31, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author spoke at the Brattle Square Theatre about his latest book, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief.” Between several book talks and a trip to London, FM caught up with Wright over the phone to ask him about his career and the controversies surrounding his new book.

The Bottom of the Dog Pile

Even families have hierarchies—I mean look at the Kardashians. My family hierarchy has always been clearly defined. My mom was the boss with the wallet, my brother just bossed me around, and I was the bottom of the bucket: the chump of the family. Then we got a dog.

Juice Box

With both the holidays and finals approaching, FM is combining our traditional Jukebox and Drinky Drink features into a tasty Juice Box. Pour yourself a drink to help you get through your projects, papers, and predicaments while still getting into the holiday spirit—no straw required.

Sonia S. Dara

During her freshman spring, Dara received a call from Sports Illustrated asking her to be their cover model and—to vocal support, especially from the Indian media—the first South Asian model ever featured in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

Brett M. O'Donnell

In this mini-series, Flyby profiles one of the seven fall 2012 IOP Fellows each week. This week: Brett M. O'Donnell. "I'm a frustrated drummer," IOP fellow Brett M. O’Donnell said. Caught between his desires to become a musician or work in communications, O'Donnell ultimately chose communications. To this day, he remains a jack of many trades. From starting his own company, O'Donnell and Associates, to co-founding the charity Healing Hands of Joy in Ethiopia, O'Donnell works in a variety of different areas. However, he is best known for his work as a political debate coach, working with candidates from George W. Bush to John McCain to Michele Bachmann to Mitt Romney.