Artist Spotlight: Stella F. Chen '15

For Stella F. Chen ’15, music is more than entertainment—it is a passion. Chen, a joint concentrator in music and math, is also enrolled in a five year, dual-degree program with the New England Conservatory. At Harvard, Chen, a violinist, is involved with many musical groups, including the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, the Brattle Street Chamber Players and the Dunster House Opera. Chen is also active on an international scale, having performed in competitions and recitals worldwide—she will perform at the Louvre next year.

The Harvard Crimson: What drew you to music and to the violin?

Stella Chen: For a long time, I played the violin because it was one of the things that my parents enrolled me in as a kid. But there is a reason why I continued to do it over other activitiesI really feel that I can communicate by playing music. It is much more comfortable for me to emote on the violin. It is satisfying for me in both an emotional and intellectual way, and I really couldn’t describe why or how, but it is the biggest passion in my life right now.


THC: Can you describe your musical experience prior to Harvard?

SC: As a child, I participated in many solo competitions abroad, and I feel lucky because I got the chance to play in places such as Wales and France, which I otherwise might not have visited as a child. It’s interesting because most people that I’ve met are familiar with doing youth orchestras and such, but I never got the chance to do that when I was younger. I took a gap year to attend Julliard, and it was the first time that I played in a full orchestra, which was exciting.

THC: What was that transition like?

SC: I’ve found that musicians sometimes do not prefer orchestral playing because they may feel that there isn’t as high of a standard, or they may feel like they are one of the masses—but I have definitely enjoyed my time with the orchestra. Here at Harvard, my experience has been no different. I have a lot of fun, and our conductor creates a good atmosphere.

THC: Who are your most important musical influences?