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Sheeran X Cover

Sheeran Innovates Successfully on "X"

On "X," Sheeran balances his traditional guitar pieces and overbearing vocals with mainstream rhythms, while discussing more personal events in his songs. These choices have given rise to a bold, refreshing album that displays Sheeran’s versatility and maturity.

Harvard Medical School

Researchers Identify New Treatment for Kidney Disease

A group of researchers led by Dr. Peter H. Mundel at Massachusetts General Hospital has recently identified the first targeted therapy for a specific type of kidney disease, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Stella F. Chen '15

For violinist Stella F. Chen ’15, music is more than entertainment—it is a passion. She is active on an international scale, having performed in competitions and recitals worldwide—she will perform at the Louvre next year.

On Campus

Phil Solomon: American Falls

Equally interesting in Solomon’s work is the choice of musical scores. His complex, chemically treated images are supplemented with conflicting sounds that are simultaneously soothing and threatening.

On Campus

"Daisies" Exhibit Takes Playtime Seriously at GSE

Molly Quill's "Decapitating Daisies," in the Graduate School of Education's Gutman Library through Oct. 31, reflects on childhood as a defining moment in an individual’s social development and sense of identity. "I was really interested in the duality of being an adult and an outsider as well as a playmate to these children," Quill says.


"World War Z" As Mindless As Its Undead

The zombie film promises a great deal in its exposition. Its visuals impress, but cannot save the production from a meandering and simplified finish.


Hip-Hop Resurrected In "Twelve Reasons to Die"

“Twelve Reasons to Die” gives us a glimpse of hip-hop at its best. Working within their genre, which has a rich history of contemporary and classic forms, Adrian Younge and Ghostface Killah understand the capabilities of hip-hop as a storytelling tool and have created a narrative-driven masterwork.


Singles Roundup

While OneRepublic adapts to changing musical trends with the insertion of a rabid techno mix, Fall Out Boy furthers their agenda to "Save Rock and Roll" with a new uptempo, threatening track. Jim Carrey speaks up and sings on about the ongoing gun debate in the country with a hilarious track.


Singles Roundup

New from Rick Ross, One Direction, and Eric Clapton. Clapton's new single, "Gotta Get Over," appeals to old fans with its jazzed-up, Fender-filled finale in the original Claptonian fashion. Rick Ross and One Direction both disappoint. Ross' track is marred by a lazy rhyme scheme, while One Direction's homage to Blondie falters.