The Crimson Arts Vanities 2014

Every year, the outgoing and incoming execs of The Crimson's arts board publish a tongue-in-cheek final supplement satirizing both the art world in general and the arts board of The Crimson in particular. Below are this year's pieces.

-"Unappealing Lack of Narrative in 'The Arts Board'" (Natalie T. Chang '15, outgoing chair)

-"Shoot Paper" (Erica X Eisen '16, outgoing chair)

-"The Harvard Crimson Style Guide: 2015 Supplement" (Grace E. Huckins '16, outgoing books exec and incoming chair)

-"Drunk in Love: The Music Video" (Abby L. Noyes '16, outgiong columns exec and incoming chair)


-"Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bad Movie" (Victoria Zhuang, incoming books exec)

-"Fifteen Most Hottest Freshmen" (Se-ho B. Kim '15, outgoing music exec)

-"On How 20 Is the New 40" (David J. Kurlander '17, outgoing blog exec and incoming music exec)

-"A Cover for All Seasons" (Emma R. Adler '16, outgoing covers exec)

-"Pretty Ugly" (Adela H. Kim '16, incoming covers exec)

-"Artist Spotlight: Tree A. Palmedo" (Tree A. Palmedo '16, outgoing campus arts exec)

-"Crimson Arts Rolls with the Pitches" (Will Holub-Moorman '16, outgoing campus arts exec)

-"Cats" (Victoria Lin '17, incoming campus arts exec)

-"Life in Quotes" (Ha D.H. Le '17, incoming campus arts exec)

-"Vanité des vanités: How to Write a Jude D. Russo Review" (Jude D. Russo '16, incoming films exec)


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