Arts Vanity: The Perfect Moment for Every Song from my Summer 2023 Playlist

This feels like a good starting point. It’s been the spring, summer, and fall of “Tití Me Pregunto.” Please, everyone, stop in your tracks and play it on full blast wherever you are in order to secure a “Tití Me Pregunto” winter. I’ll be honest, it’s no “Yo Perreo Sola,” but nothing gets the people going like this song (sorry, “N*ggas in Paris”) — even if they speak absolutely zero words of Spanish.

Arts Vanity: What Your Favorite Song Length Says About You: A Musical Montage

Welcome. Have a seat! Given that my tenure as music executive soon begins, it is now my time to judge you on the most important minutia of the musical world — song length — and tell you what this means about your worth as a person. Let’s begin.

Arts Vanity: Excerpts from the Book of Eccl-eal-siastes

Verily, it is said by the EAL: “Say thou to them, and to the after-comers of them, Each article of your section, that nigheth to those things that be hallowed, in which is uncleanness, it shall perish before the EALs.”

Arts Vanity: I Am the World’s #1 ‘Wicked’ Understander

All this is to say: Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked” is one of my favorite books, and I don’t think you should read it. But this is a call to embrace your problematic faves, the stories that comfort you despite their flaws, the media that you genuinely believe is a masterpiece but would never recommend to a friend. Even if it leaves you feeling a little wicked.

My Semester in 300 Words

There are times in the course of a young editor-at-large’s life he is tasked by the Arts Board to pen a vanity piece for its year-end publishings. He may be burnt out from thesising with nary a Celsisus in reach, or busy frequenting Western Front to study for his pharmacology final. He may, despite having risen to the occasion before, find himself presently lacking in the idea department.

Arts Vanity: An Attempt to Decipher My Monthly Playlists

I am a creature of habit. So are, apparently, many of my friends. In February, when one of said friends kindly introduced me to the concept of creating “monthly playlists” to document one’s favorite songs from each month of the year, I was hooked. It’s like Spotify Wrapped, but 12 times a year. Joy.

Arts Vanity: Buyer Beware: Top Ten Scams in Harvard Square and Beyond

You don’t need me to tell you that money’s tight nowadays. Between inflation and holiday shopping, it’s not easy being the little man. Every dollar counts! And that is why, dear consumer, I am here to save you from some of the biggest scams that lurk behind the pleasant exteriors of retail stores in Harvard Square and Boston at large.

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