Businesses in Smith Center Unclear About Future

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“We assume that they’re gonna contact us and Oggi’s, and tell us what’s in store, or maybe ask us for input,” Penn said. “I really don't know what the plans are or what our participation is.”

Dean of Freshmen Thomas A. Dingman ’67, who co-chaired the working group for College administrators with Leverett House Co-Master Howard M. Georgi ’68, said that the committee did not focus on how these businesses would factor into their plans for the Smith Center.

“We actually did not make any recommendations regarding ground floor business that I recall,” Dingman said.

However, Dingman voiced concern about adding a Harvard University Dining Services location to the Smith Center.

“There was some concern in our committee that if HUDS is struggling to make ends meet now, that if they add another operation using the same income base from students, that this could be a diminution in the offerings in the houses,” Dingman said.

For Courtnee A. Benford, a student at the Graduate School of Education, having a HUDS option in the Smith Center is not a priority.

“I like the local businesses, and that it’s not just a straight-up Harvard cafeteria,” Benford said.


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