Citing University’s Commitment to Free Speech, Faust Says ‘Abhorrent’ Black Mass Will Not Be Barred

University President Will Attend Holy Hour at St. Paul Catholic Church

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She added that she is distraught by the Harvard community’s response to the event.

“I am deeply troubled by the assumption of illegitimacy… that this is inauthentic and only in spite of Catholicism,” Coughlon said, adding that she finds it interesting that “a powerful white religious group gets talked about,” but not every religious community gets a response from President Faust.

Coughlon added that the efforts of the community to “delegitimize” Satanism are unwarranted.

“The fact that something does not have the structural or institutional privileges to it that many religious groups do does not delegitimize it as a religious belief or religious group,” she said.

In an email confirming registration to the event last night, the Club wrote that it has hired increased security officers and has been “informed that additional security will be present and it is possible there may be protesters.” The club added that it will not tolerate any hateful or disrespectful individuals at the event.

“While we recognize that some people have taken offense, and that is regrettable, please be advised in no uncertain terms that this event was not conceived, intended, or designed as an expression of hate against any group,” the Cultural Studies Club wrote. “Any guest who makes denigrating statements against any group will be escorted off the premises. Likewise, anyone who attempts to disrupt the performance will also be escorted from the premises.”

The Club added that only those who registered for the event and can present an ID will be admitted. Also, it will not permit the use of cellphones during the event.

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